Friday, April 15, 2016

Pink Cherry Blossom Flu hits New Haven Hard!

No shows and going home sick early, rampant all over New Haven County.

Pink Influenza. Hanami Hot Flashes.

Seasonal Sakura Sickness.

You never know when it will hit. Sometimes in late March or anytime after that. 

This flu is unpredictable, can come on slowly, or bam, you wake up and have this 
strange mood to head to Wooster Square.

No, not because of the Apizza smell.

Suddenly, your head is spinning and your boss lets you go. (Foaming at the mouth can also be effective in an early dismissal slip).

You're in the car, calling all your friends and before you know it, you are all walking 
in Historic Wooster Square, admiring
the cause of this Seasonal Sakura Sickness.

The Cherry Blossoms are Blooming!

Not quite yet peaking, but pretty close.
This weekend will be ideal for 
your Hanami Happiness!

Saturday the Wooster Square Farmer's Market is right across the street!

Grab some grub, join the hub bub.

Great day for a 
Pink Park Picnic People!

Bring a blanket and enjoy. 

Don't forget your camera!

Feel free to post photos on the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Facebook Page!

I'll be out later today and tomorrow
taking more photos and 
a post tomorrow afternoon.

Enough said!

Hey, you don't look so good...
you feelin OK?

Let's look at the park 
from yesterday afternoon!

Sweet Sunny Smilers

Pretty Pink

Academy & Chapel St.

Notice our perpetually blooming tree to the left,
(it blossomed on New Years Day)
it has only spotty blossoms and is
having a tough time of it this year.

Hurrah for the pink white and blue!

Park getting ready for our 43rd
Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.
Sunday, April 24, 1-4pm. 

Come see the blossoms before then!

Come early and often for complete satisfaction.

Money back guaranteed.

Wish on a Wooster Star

Breathe, smile, repeat

Wave if you can see us up there!

Pink Nation!

Hughes Place north
(we lost six trees, but there are six new ones)

Land of ahs

Afternoon delight!

Heavenly Hanami Here!

Academy Street south

Fickle fun flowers!

We remember

Your table awaits

Psst, blossoms blooming in Wooster Square

Nuthin but blue skies!

Sakura sites

Picnic Place

Shiny New Haven Knights!
(Knights of Columbus International HQ)

Honey! I'm home with the buzz
on Wooster Square!

Time's short, don't miss out on the
fleeting beauty of one of New Haven's
shining stars...Wooster Square!

Court Street Colors

Hanami Hughes High

Sun sets blossoms ablaze!

Saturday Market is 9-1!

Photo Phence Phun!

See some blossoms on the ground?

Wooster Square is in full Bloom and only the Hanami Heavens know how long 
they will stick around for their 
memorizing meaningful mindfulness 

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You won't go wrong by getting to the Square this weekend, the weather is perfect.
(so is the pizza!)

Look for an update Saturday afternoon!

Thanks Sponsors!
Historic Hanami Habitat

See You Round the Square!
Sakura snacking squirrel