Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Annual Square Sense for Seniors Setting Sails for New Seas!

School Ends, Students Flee!

Ah, Senior year. What a glorious celebration of the
success and acheivements not yet accomplished.

Well that and you did graduate.

Why celebrate?

Because for Graduating Seniors, it is the 
promise of a new day, a new start.

A New Beginning.

Be it going to college, off to the job market, or
moving on to further studies, it is all
very new, different and exciting.

We should all graduate every 4 years.

Celebrate, live, love, laugh.
The Future is bright!

Here in World Famous, Historic Wooster Square 
we celebrate graduating Seniors by sending
the Blossom Blog Mainframe in search
of some serious sakura square sense.

Speaking of Celebrating, Wooster Square, New Haven and Connecticut were heavily represented in the
 Daily Meal's 35 Best Pizza's in America, as judged
by the people, for the people.

And it's all about the Benjamins

Right here on Wooster Street, where New Haven Style Apizza was invented, we have #1 and #6.

Pepe's and Sally's respectively.

#4 Went to Modern, just steps from our 
Sweet Sakura Square of Humble Perfection.

And coming in at #3 in Stamford, CT
Colony Pizza!

In fact, Connecticut has 5 of the top 10.
And if you throw in Tarry Lodge, which is
in Port Chester, NY, we have 6 because
Mario Bartoli opened another Tarry Lodge
right here in Apizza City, New Haven #nhv

And, in you can't make this stuff up department, only 6 states had all 35. New York and Connecticut with a bulk of 

Ohio had one...in wait for it... Wooster!
Wooster Ohio.

And yes, the town is named for the same General
from our revolutionary war.

Like Wooster Square and Wooster Street.

Home of New Haven Style Apizza
and International Headquarters of the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog, the
world's first photoblogumentary.

Other Connecticut Pizza places in the top 35
include#20 Mulberry Street Manchester, #22 Bar Bru Room New Haven, #26 Zuppardi's West Haven and rounding out 
Connecticut's Pizza Domination is #27,
Roseland, Derby.

Click here to read Arthur Bovino's analysis of the pizza world and where to eat all 35 of the best Pizzas in America!

Before we get the results from the 
Blossom mainframe, check out
some of the fauna and some 
photos from CT River Quest's
Selden Island Cruise

Serene green and clean

Never seen this climber

City Sights

Last Blossom?

Sweet flower suckers

Some cherries, some produce a small
fruit like this.

Teensy treats

America's Best Apizza Aptly Applies

Last of the last

Roses grow well in Wooster Square

Fence Foto Fun

Summer strikes again!

Oh and the Birds on the Connecticut River!

Barn Swallow


Great Blue Heron and wild
yellow irises.

Off to get a pizza!

Great egret with
mountain laurel, The state Flower.

Annual Advice For Seniors from
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog!

In honor of a great American, they 
all come from Mohammed Ali,
who recently passed away.

3. The Man who has no imagination 
has no wings.
2. He who is not Courageous enough to take 
risks will accomplish nothing in life.
1. SERVICE to others is the RENT you 
pay for your room here on earth.

Congratulations Grads!

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Stay tuned for an important

Which is best?

Pepe's or Sally's?
The answer to that, and every
other question you've ever had,
Coming up in the next post!

See You Round the Square!

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