Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pepe's and Sally's Blossom Blog Smackdown! The Question is...Who's #1?

Wooster Street Wows World with Mouth Watering Apizza!

Sally's Tomato Pie (top) & Pepe's Clam Pie (bottom)

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Having moved the Headquarters to Wooster Street almost a year ago, we have a unique perspective on 
New Haven's quirky classic cuisine question. 

What's better? Pepe's or Sally's?

Many would argue Bar or Modern should be thrown
into the calculation. But they can't. 

This is Wooster Street Pizza. So yes, Abate's could be
included, we get take out from there often.
Abate's Cheryl Special: Pepperoni & garlic well done

But that's not the question folks. 

In New Haven, Pepe's or Sally's is akin to:

Red Sox or Yankees?

Mustard or Catsup?

Republican or Democrat? 

East Coast or West Coast?
(ask your kids...Rap music)

The mere question can start a frenzied flurry of flying furious fisticuffs folks!

And we New Havener's
know how to pick a fight, and win.

Ah, but not here in our fair Square. We are a kinder

and gentler peaceful picky pizza people. 

Like the Hamburger and New Haven's
claim to having invented it
at Louis Lunch.

Click here for food history at Louis Lunch!

Two generally valid other possible 
Cities held claims also
to having invented the hamburger.
They're stories are compelling. 

But New Haven kicks burger butt baby and
Louis Lunch in New Haven is credited
with the Invention of America's own favorite food,
and you can read about it in the Library of Congress.

Then comes Pizza. Or I should say
Apizza (pronounced, Ah-beets),
New Haven's own.

Pepe's Pepperoni and mootz

New Haven Style Apizza was born on Wooster Street
with Pepe's opening in 1925. They still use
the same coal fired oven.

Perfect Pies People!

President Clinton is a Pepe's Person

Reaganomics at Work!

I spoke to Bill outside Pepe's last month
in a Blossom Blog Exclusive.

When asked THE QUESTION?

And, Sally's, were relatives that worked at 
Pepe's and wanted to strike off on their own.

With a coal fired oven.

Sal in Photo on wall

Sally's Sausage and Pepperoni


All information at the Blossom Mainframe has been tabulated. Using Yale's super computer,
the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
has the answer to that question!

Pepe's vs Sally's
Tale of the Tape

Ranked nationally, Pepe's was picked #1 by the Daily Meal,
and by their readers. Sally's came in at #6. 

New Haven had 3 in the top 10,
including Modern Apizza moving to #4. 

But to answer the question, we painstakingly ate over and over at Pepe's and Sally's to help people understand, who have eaten at one or the other, or neither (GASP!).
And many pounds later...

The verdict is in. Like they say, when in Rome, do as 
the Romans do. And when in New Haven,
do what Wooster Squarians do.

At Sally's, no question you get their Tomato Pie, but it is
said that Frank Sinatra liked Sally's clam pie.

Sally's tomato pie has just sauce, grated parm and garlic

Your first bite of Sally's will never be your last.
It tastes like nothing you have ever had.
So simple and elegant.

At Pepe's no question that you get their Clam pie,
that is the #1 pie in America.

Why? It's not like anything you have ever tasted.

Don't like Clam? Pepe's has a Margarita pie
and other specialty pies.

All the Data has been analyzed, and eaten.

Sally's has the #1 Tomato Pie in America

Pepe's has the #1 clam pie in America!

They are unlike any pizza you have ever had.
You have to try both and pick a side!

But here at Blossom Blog International Headquarters,
located on Wooster Street in World Famous,
Historic Wooster Square says...

Pepe's + Sally's = #1 Pizza 
in USA
Hands down!

St. Andrew's Society
is having it's Italian Fest
on Chapel Street in
Wooster Square!

Sausage and peppers oh my!
Click here for hours, entertainment and fun!

See You Round the Square!

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