Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating 10 years of the Wonderful World of Historic, Famous Wooster Square!

Making Meaningful Memories, 

Moment by Moment

Wow. Ten years has passed since I moved 
here to our Sweet Sakura Square, a
Slice of Shangi-La, 
our sort of Lost Horizon. 

A bit East of Eden, way east.

When I moved to Wooster Square in 2006, I was
determined to live in an environment that was
conducive to walking, near great restaurants,
and oh yeah, forget about the pizza.
Best in the USA.

And I wanted to be near people. 

However, 10 years ago, the Colosseum still stood.
There was no 360 State Street, just a vacant lot.

There was no See Click Fix! 

There were no lights on the Court Street Bridge,
not to mention the flashing cross walk on 
Olive Street after losing one of our own
walking across the street.

Fuel coffee shop just opened and was my neighbor.

Little did I know that the seeds were planted. 
There were many like minded folks here in 
Wooster Square, and in New Haven itself. 

Wooster Square is a real neighborhood
where we see each other daily and 
entertain each other in our homes.

Wooster Square Cares.
Carre' Wooster signifie avec la France,
la liberte' et la justice pour tous.


I met Cheryl in 2006 walking Zippy.
Cheryl was walking Chyna.

The Zipster is Wooster Square's Blind
Rock Star Italian Stallion Greyhound
Chyna, 4.5 pounds of love

We married 2008.

Now we have picnics, festivals, concerts, movies
on our Historic Square.

Our Cherry Blossom Festival has blossomed
from hundreds of people to 10,000.

We have two exciting new residential developments on Olive Street 
right at the end of Wooster Street.

America's Pizza Main Street.

Wooster Square has been called Connecticut's
Brooklyn. New Haven bills itself as
the Greatest Small City in America
#gscia #nhv

Thanks for the sweet memories 
Wooster Square!

But wait!

That's not all!

I will keep reporting on our Historic Hanami Happening here from 
Wooster Street,
for the next 10 years and beyond!

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Pictures from your favorite, world's
only (and probably one of the best)

Let's look at 10 photos from 10 years,
from the Square and beyond!
(actually, 11 photos with 2006)
((maybe more))

"April in Wooster Square"
(poster available on right)


We got married (eloped) and became
Cheryl Szczarba 
Bart Connors Szczarba!

Radio City Music Hall Tour, highly recommend!

Italy Honeymoon

In Memorian, Robert Szczarba.
Mathematician, sculptor, father, friend.

Arlene and Bob Szczarba

(Luce Hall Sculpture)


St. Andrews Society Parade around 
Wooster Square. A tradition brought
from Amalfi Italy, who settled here.


Luisa also started the Cherry Blossom Festival\
(Wooster Street)

An abandoned dog came into our life.
We tried to find her owner.
She was starving, it was freezing cold.
Cheryl tried to give her away.
We welcomed her into our home
and named her
"Rockette Wooster Square"

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven
A Great Black Backed Gull (the largest)
going after an Osprey with a fish!


Q-Bridge lit up on 4th of July

What an eventful 10 years. So much has happened to Wooster Square. Many more people are
moving from the burbs downtown
and are discovering Urban Living at its Best.

I have been in Wooster Square, but in 2 years
will mark my 30th year of living in and 
paying taxes in New Haven.

I think New Haven's a great City
and Wooster Square one of it's jewels.

See You Round the Square!

Bart Connors Szczarba 
and Alder
Aaron Greenberg.

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