Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Budding Blossoms Bewilder, Baffle, Bemuse & Befuddle the Best!

Wooster Square Blossom Blog has a 5 year 100% accuracy in 

Predicting when our Pink Pretties Peak* 

One thing is for certain; spring and our 
cherry blossoms in Historic Wooster Square.

They will come.

You will come.

They will be gone.


Well, my fellow flower following fans,
that is the trick about these 
persnickety pink 
Fustian Fickle Flowers

Hanami History

Last year, I took all the information collected by the Blossom Blog Mainframe and from the National Park Service, Yale's Super Computer, Ariana Huffington, Edward Snowden, Paul Manafort and the Onion.

Then I made a bold but correct prediction.

Our Blossoms Will Peak on Sunday,
April 22, 2018 from 
Noon until 4:30.**

*Not everything you read on the internet is true.
**My 100% accuracy is based on photographic evidence
with an error factor of whatever amount of days I might be off.

Coincidentally, Sunday the 22, is
the Wooster Square's 45 Annual 
Cherry Blossom Festival!

While you enjoy some photos from the last couple of days, I'll narrow down the
date for Peak Poppadge!

The Cherry Tree on the Corner
of Chapel and Academy
is in all stages of bloom.
Practice Perfect pink pictures People! 

If you want to come out,
grab a pie and walk the park!

CAUTION: Staring at Wooster Square and Cherry Blossoms can cause hyperventilation, dizzyness, and overall sense of a Hanami High.
Please consult your physician if you are at all high risk.
Prohibited while void in some areas.

Horticultural Historical Hanami Heaven Here!!!

And the Picture tells the story!

Park will be packed for Pink Party

Wooster Square Wow!

Budding beauties

Excitement in the air!

Excitement everywhere!

Stage 3 of 7!
Extension of Florets!

City Sights


Home of America's Best Apizza

Park Pooch

Hughes Place 4-9-18

Inhale, exhale, repeat

Trio of Robins


Land of Ahs

In case you don't know...

Downy Woodpecker

Even the National Park Service Chief Blossomologist says Cherry Blossoms are nearly impossible to predict more than 10 days in advance.
(probably why Michael Stachowicz
is always asking for my advice!)

Are we there yet?

Right now, it looks like we are 
about 12-17 days until 
Peak Poppadge People!!
(when more than 70% of the 
trees are in bloom)

Peak will be During the Festival Folks!

Photographer Alert! Photographer Alert!

This coming weekend could be good for some blossom shots for your clients.

Stay tuned for updates!
I'll be out tomorrow and posting
photos on Twitter and the
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Facebook Page!!

Can you vote?

You can vote all April on CTNow
as Best of New Haven for blossomblogger
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See you on the Internet
See You Round the Square!

***   ***   ***   ***  ***

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