Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring marches on despite Chilly Temperatures!

Stubborn stingy Spring needs a kick start

Hughes Place

Spring is a funny season.

Much anticipated, Spring's arrival is
usually met with indignation.

You know, it's spring so it should be warm.

Throwing the frisbee, picnicing
in Wooster Square, biking
to Lighthouse Point are
the things we want to do...

But here in New England
springs sometimes resembles winter.

We've had highs of 45, snow,
sleet, mist and rain.

So far no sun, 
no 60's,
no fun.

The long and the short of it all is that our 
World Famous Cherry Blossoms
have been literally just
hanging and chilling.


Most of the Cherry Trees have buds that look like the one pictured above. 
This is the "Green Bud" stage, the 1st of 7.
However, there are some trees 
that have Florets visible.


This signals that the trees are about 
16 - 21 days off. But, if we get
a bout of warm weather all bets are off!

The best way to know when to head to our Sakura Square to see Cherry Blossoms
 is to follow the WSBB 
by email (sign up on right),
follow and like the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog 
or BlossomBlogger on Twitter!
my twitter link! Instant updates!!

Take the guesswork out of
your Hanami experience!

Check out some additional 
shots from our 
Serene Sakura Square!

This tree on Hughes Place
traditionally starts the fireworks.
Has quite a ways to go!

Buds chillin and hangin

 Square's Scenic Sights Solicits Sighs

 This is the shot I take to 
determine when the 
Cherry Blossoms 
Pop, Peak and Poof (over).

A Brown Creeper, uncommon, makes
his way around the Square's Magnolia tree!

Fickle Funky Flowers

Get Ready!

Blossoms are good eating!

Tiny Treats!

Cherry Blossom Festival April 22, 2018

We saved you a seat!

 Don't forget the Apizza!

 At the Corner of Chapel and Academy
is the location of our Perpetually Blooming Tree.
And of course, it is showing off!


Pink Nation!

The wait is on...

 History Loves Company

Pretty Pinks

Sign of the Times

Tomorrow and Monday I'll be out
gathering more information!

Stay Tuned for one of the 7 Wonders of Wooster Square!
The 45th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!!

See You on Wooster Street
See You Round the Square!!

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