Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer in the City!

New Haven is HOT!

What a Blossom Season we had.
Each year brings new folks,
neighbors and old friends together.

Here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
we are dedicated to bringing the 
blossoms to you or tells you when to 
come to the Blossoms.

For six years in a row!

And of course, tracking and reporting
on our Pink Paradise is the #1 Directive.

Somehow, I became the 
Wooster  Square's Senior Sakura Scrutator!
Two hundred Twenty Eights Posts

Spring however, is just a warm up
to all the Fun things going on in
New Haven all summer long.

In the summer, things are a
 bit more laid back here in 
Historic Wooster Square and New Haven. 


Heck No! 

We had the 5th Annual 
NHDocs Film Festival. The
Festival Features neighbor Steve
Hamm's take on life in Wooster Square
in the old days. 

Also we have the Arts and Ideas Festival
which lasts until June 9, 2018 – Jun 22, 2018
Click here for the Arts and Ideas!

And as if Spring didn't last forever,
we finally have some 
beach and bar-b-que weather.

If you haven't noticed, they have done
a lot of work on Long Wharf.

The Canal Dock Boathouse is set 
to serve all of New Haven.

Also, they improved the Food Truck areas
and made a two lane bikeway.

Back a few years ago, I seemed to be the only
one that would venture to walk Long Wharf.

Now, look out!

Food, trucks, people picnicking,
enjoying the view or biking.

They've even found a local Restaurant
to run the Information 
Center as a Snack Shop.
(Brazi's Italian Restaurant on Long Wharf)

So besides all the Beaches, Parks
Restaurants, Museums, World Class Tennis,
Concerts, Plays and America's Best Pizza-
You'll have a tough time deciding what to do!

Take time to Enjoy New Haven this 
Summer. Don't forget to stop by
Wooster Square for a Pizza Pie Picnic!

It's not uncommon to see people from
every State sometimes eating pizza and 
drinking from their trunks because
the lines are so long they got take-out!

Please people, pizza party responsibly!

While you decide what to do....

take a look at some photos 
from late Spring and Early Summer!

Rockette Wooster Square

City Sights

Knights Landing

Sign of the times

History Loves Company

Wooster Square has two pair of Nesting 
Yellow Crowned Night Herons. 
They feed at Long Wharf.
(I'm not sure which food truck)


West River Eagle

Long Wharf Pier

Canadian Geeselets

I hate it when sand gets all in your worm!

Northern Rough Winged Swallow

Lesser Yellow Legs

Meet Mr. Tom!

And my Friends from Baltimore...

Nectar of the gods

Touch down in New Haven why don't ya!

Home of the Blossom Blogger.

And these guys...

Beautiful Bird

They Breed in the Arctic, chill in New Haven.

Ring Bill Gull Flyby

West River Eagles!

My ride.

Banding Day

Eagle Whisperer.

Concerned parent

We Salute our Veterans

We see you!

Least Sandpiper

Semipalmated Plover

Monk Parakeets? Yup, got them too!

Greens Great

Grab a Slice of Heaven.

Mallard Edgewood

Cat Bird

American Voters

History Loves Company
(A Farmer, Yale Student and Connecticut Militia
shoot at the British when they invaded New Haven in 1779.)

Luck of the Irish Ukrainian Wooster Squarian!

Backyard Bird
(Northern Flicker)

Edgewood Park!

Female Wood Duck

Baby Wood Ducks!

Proud Mama

Posing Pair

Great Scott! I mean Great Blue Heron...

A little boat ride on RiverQuest!

Picture Perfect!

Ospreys Galore

Snowy Egret (close) and Great Egret

Under the Q-Bridge

Tug Boat-Tug Boat-Tug Boat

Beineke Library

Old and New

Geometric Free Fun!

Lighthouse Point Park

Busiest Harbor from between NY & Boston

Next Post: Blossomating next year's Peak!

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