Friday, October 5, 2018

Summer slipped away, Fall Fun & Frolic about to Begin!

Huge Happenings Here

at Hanami Headquarters in

Historic Wooster Square!

In the Fall, activity around 
Wooster Square picks up significantly.

Schools are in Session, vacations 
are in the scrapbook and we
gasp as we realize it's almost
the end of the year!

What the H-E double hockey sticks
happened to the summer?

I'll give the the twitter review of
the 2018 Summer here in Southern New England.

"Wow, it's hot! Holy Crap it's Stormy!
Man the boats! Biblical flooding!

Fortunately for me, all I could
do is all summer was sit in air conditioning.
(sarcasmly said)
You see, on Father's Day, (June 17)
a tendon snapped in my foot.

Apparently, one needs this tendon to 
walk, stand and the like. So, surgery at the
end of July and I'm still hobbling.

Not to worry Fellow Flower Following Fans!

I've been able to get out on a few occasions,
I still can't wear a shoe, so it's a little limiting...


Columbus Day Parade

Sun., Oct. 7

Starts 1 p.m. • New Haven City Hall on Church St.  

Ends at Wooster Square Park for an

Italian Festival  with:

Food vendors, musical entertainment, exhibitors, and kids activities.  

Save the date!

I'll be there with a table of
matted photos of Wooster Square,
New Haven and Yale!

Take a look at some photos from this Summer 
from the times I could get out!

Lot's of World Class Tennis.
The Connecticut Open had the
second highest week of attendance
out of 31 WTA events!

Way to Go New Haven!

Without a Shadow of a Doubt,
New Haven has World Class Tennis.

Elina Svitolina Seriously Smacks

Daria Gavrilova 2017 Champion fell short.

Makarova a Fan Fav

Belarus's own Aryna Sabalenka 
wins the 2018 Connecticut Open!

And of course there were birds...

Our Nesting Yellow Night Herons returned
to Wooster Square. Not one but two mating pairs.

One nest had 5 chicks and the other two!

Yellow Crowned Night Heron on Long Wharf

Not to be confused with the
Black Crowned Night Heron!

American Oystercatcher

Cardinal Red

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Rose of Sharon

Rocket Wooster Square!

Grab your nuts! Falls a comin!

Everything is Wooster Square is power sugared,
even our bees!

Great Egret

 In flight

Juvenile Laughing Gull

La Amistad

Belted Kingfisher, with a fish.

Snowy Egret

Canal Dock Boathouse

Lesser Yellow Legs

Semipalmated plovers and least Sandpiper,
peeps for my peeps! 


Please don't litter 

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird
stops by Wooster Square on
his way to Costa Rica.

You never know what you'll
see in Wooster Square!

Don't Forget to check out all the in Activities this Weekend in
Wooster Square! A documentary, a historic tour and of course the 
Parade on Sunday!!

Click here for all info on Columbus Day weekend

See you at the Park Party
See You Round the Square!!!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

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