Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fall Blossoms in Full Bloom, 2019 Blossomation for Peak PoP, Pizza & More!

As the days get shorter, 

the Fun just Adds up in Wooster Square!

Fall in Wooster Square is a magical place.
Wooster Park is crammed with Families
enjoying the Beautiful Fall Blossoms
(ie. foliage)

Wooster Square Wows

Almost in the blink of an eye, our peak
foliage was hit with wind, rain and then some.

Leaves all down on some trees.


It's about that time of year for two things:

1. 2019 Prediction for Peak Pop
(100% accuracy past 6 years!)

2. The Second Annual 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!

You know, it's never too early to plan your Spring Vacation in Historic Wooster Square.

In fact, the Wooster Square Historic Association,
is hard at work on next year's Festival.

So while I cull the Blossom Mainframe's
digabits and megatrons for 
information leading to the prediction
of next year's Cherry Blossoms, 
enjoy some photos from around
the Square and a few birds too!

Academy Street. Home of sites and sighs.

Fiery Fun

Golden crowned kinglet in 
Wooster Square's
Christmas Tree

Warren Wonders

Wooster Street

Park Pleasing Pic

Make History no Mystery!

Sunsetting Surreal Scene

Land of Ahs

Holy Hanami!

Blossom Blog Bug Cam

Pizza Park Picnic Parties Please People!

My friends at #googlephotos chose 
a few photos from past 
memorable fall Square Scenes.

DeLauro Table Teaches

Fall Flowers Facinate

Canopy of Sighs

Flaming Fauna

Park's Picture Perfect

Days gone by...

Great Egret Long Wharf

Essex Eagle

Blossom Bluebird of Hanami Happiness

This Hanami Hummer came 
migrating through...

I love Wooster Square this much!

Lesser Yellow Legs Long Wharf

(Semipalmated Sandpiper, Long Wharf)

Wooster Square Blossom Blog
Blossomation 2019

For the Past 6 years, the main
purpose of the WSBB
is bringing you the dates and
times of when Wooster Square's
Infamous Cherry Blossoms
are going to bloom.

We are pleased to say that 
we continue with a 100% accuracy of reporting 
when the Blossoms are PEAK!

Not bad for the 
World's First, Only
(and considered to be among the best)

Mark you Calendars Blossom Buddies!
Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms
will peak on
APRIL 28, 2019
April 29,2018

Blossom Flurries

Only 171 Days or,
5 Months, 20 Days or
about 24 weeks.

Not to Fret Flower Following Folks!

We have lot's going on in Wooster Square and New Haven all
Fall and Winter Long!

Like What?

The 2019 Wooster Square Blossom Blog
2nd Annual 
Great Pizza TakeOut Debate!!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a
$100 Gift Certificate to your pizza
joint of choice, just for voting!

Last Year's Winner?
Ernie's Pizzeria!
Sponsored by:
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors

Contest Details Coming Soon!
Follow the WSBB on facebook!
Follow @ Blossom Blogger on Twitter!

See you getting Pizza
See You Round the Square!

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