Thursday, January 2, 2020

The 3rd (somewhat) Annual WSBB Great Pizza Take Out Debate!

Perennial Preeminent Pizza Post People!

I've droned on and on about how
 fast New Haven is changing. 
New apartments, new restaurants,
and many, many more people.

And why not? In today's Uber/Amazon
world we really don't need a car.
You can walk from the train station
to the New Haven Green in 15 minutes.

Don't want to walk? 
Free Shuttle.
Well, you can rent a bike.

So it's not that complicated.
There's so much to do in New Haven.

There's so many diverse groups and interests.

One big melting pot.

There's also this thing about pizza in 
New Haven specifically. Like a recent documentary 
"Pizza, a Love Story"
reported, Pizza wasn't invented 
in New Haven, we perfected it.

Click here for hot pizza love!

Ah, precious pizza perfection.

For a long time, it was kind of a protected secret.
I mean, New Haven was a pretty badass
place back in the day.

Who doesn't?

The famous Hockey movie "Slap Shot" was based on our now defunct New Haven Nighthawks.

Check out our defunct franchise folks!

Click here if you dare!

New Haven has played host to 
 Dillon, the Stones, the Doors
and Jim Morrison spent a night in New Haven clink.

I spent my first five years in Wooster Square giving people actual directions to Wooster Street.


Enter the INTERNET.

As my mother would say, oh my heavenly days.

The people have discovered our secret.

You are about to enter...
the apizza zone.

The lines are crazy. Not just here on
Wooster Street. But just about every
pizzeria pumping out N'aven style ahbeetz.

Sally's tomato pie pleases palates plethorically

So a couple of years ago, I started a
poll/contest that asked one simple
question: What's your favorite place for 
a hot fresh take out pizza?

Boy the first year 2017 we were in for a surprise!

Sleeper Ernie's Pizzeria in Westville 
the competition. Everyone.

Precious Prize Peel

Not even close.

Guess What?

Year two?

Ernie's Pizzeria again.

Who will win Best TakeOut for 2019?

Since I have an 8 year record of 
predicting our Cherry Blossoms
with a 100% accuracy,
it just wouldn't be fair for me to guess.

Peak Poppadge

I don't want to spoil the show.

All I can do is give you the rules 
and let the voting commence.

To vote: 
with the name of your favorite pizza take out parlour in the subject and done! Comments welcome.

You are now entered!

When you vote, you get into a raffle
that could net you $100 of
your favorite pizza place!

Voting through January 31st!

Thanks again to our Sponsor
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor,
Seabury Hills Realty.

Looking to buy or sell your home?

Call Cheryl at 203-996-8328
for an appointment today!

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