Monday, January 4, 2021

The Fourth Annual WSBB Great Pizza TakeOut Debate! Can Ernie's Four-peat?

YOU can win a $100 gift certificate to your go to Pie Place People! 

Some people will read this post in Amazement.

When I started the Annual Great Pizza TakeOut Debate
nobody knew that Westville's Ernie's Pizzeria
would be the the Inaugural winner,
by a landslide.

Ernie's Pizzeria has a long history of
presenting perfect pies.

Ernie's cheese pie

You can even take a class, pre-covid,
to learn how he makes his Prized Pies.

Started by his father Ernie, Pat took over the
reigns once his father gave him the secret recipe
for his signature crust. Pat never looked back.

The man, the Legend!
Pat on the left, not me.

Pat's proud of the fact that it's a pizza joint.
You go there to get pizza, period.

To understand Ernie's popularity, I only
had to look at the numbers of
 a couple photos of the Pizza Restaurant
I had posted to Google Maps.

Two photos of the interior have been
viewed 2,371,352 times on google maps.

The second and third most viewed of the
nearly 30 million views of photos
I've posted on Google Maps.

I took them with my phone.

So apparently everyone but you 
and I knew about Ernie's Pizzeria.

And Ernie's fans?
Rabid, diverse, and from all over the world.

Out of all New Haven area pizza places,
Ernie's has quietly built a legacy...
and a legion of devoted followers.

And you want to know why?
Pat. The owner/chef/friend of all.
If you've met Pat, you can picture
his smile when you walk in.

He himself is an Institution.

The Pizza world's hidden wonder,
right under are Wooster Squarian noses.

Sure, since the nearly 10 years of writing
about Wooster Square, pizza, New Haven,
and most importantly Blossoms,
the world has changed.

Nobody stops me to ask how to get to Sally's, Pepe's,
The Father McGivney pilgrimage center, or Lucibello's.


Everyone has a device that you can
command to give you directions!

So now you've got Social media the likes
of El Presidente of Barstool sports and
Daym Drops stopping to give their
2 cents worth of advice.
(They liked it).

In fact, Paul Portnoy sold his
website/himself for millions of dollars.

7.9 out of 10

So say you're interested in purchasing
the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, 
it's a steal for the low low price of

Think of what you could do with my
portfolio of nearly 20 years of my digital photography.

Serious inquiries only.

Selling photos at the Cherry Blossom fest.

So how do you vote?
How do you enter to win the raffle?

To enter the Fourth Annual 
Wooster Square Blossom Bog
Great Pizza TakeOut debate
simply email (copy this and paste in email)

Put the name of your favorite takeout pizza
in the subject line and any comments are
appreciated about why and what you get!

Voila! You just voted and got into the raffle
for a $100 gift certificate to your
favorite pizza place.

Voting ends February 13.

You can only vote once.

A Special thanks to our Sponsor,
Cheryl Szczarba, Realtor
Seabury Hill Realtors
for sponsoring the Gift Certificate!

If you are thinking of buying or
selling (incredible time to list due
to short supply of inventory)
this is one of the best times ever.
Call or text Cheryl at 203-996-8328
#1 in sales/listings in New Haven 
2019 of condos & coops.

Happy Voting!

See you getting takeout
See you Round the Square!


  1. My wife and I have been in the Ernies's Institution since college. We are proud of it . Please join us and enter this institution, there are no enterance exams, tests, being arrested ....just call or drop in and you will be hooked !!!