Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bravo! Bellissimo!

Today in Wooster Square it is about as good as it gets. If you are a photographer, this is just about as good as it gets. And every time of the day, the blossoms give you some other way to show their pink and white beauty. Like this:
Pink Nation!

On my way home from New Haven Fitness (shout out to trainer Corey), I bumped into another neighbor from Channel 8, Gil Simmons, who was just about to go on the air. I told him the best place to follow Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms is right here on this blog! He viewed last years time elapsed slideshow and liked it, you can watch at the end of this blog if you click on the link. Gil has got our back here in Wooster Square, he will keep the wind in check and give us great weather through Easter.

For the sake of time, I did not leave my house after lunch. For we have relatives coming in for the Holiday weekend. The whole Szczarba gang. If I had gone to the park, I would have gotten lost behind the lens, take 300 pictures and spend all day looking at them again! So, took my 100-400 lens to the third floor balcony to shoot the trees from the birds eyes! 

Looks like we may have peaked here on Hughes Place. I will do another comparison tomorrow....more Blossom Math!

Today's Balcony Shots!
Somebody didn't get the memo!

It's like exercise just looking at them,
Takes your breath away!

Beauty is in the eye of every beholder!

Come down! This is Peak Poppadge!!

View last years slide show!! Blooms right before your eyes!