Thursday, April 5, 2012

Utsukushi Sakura

Our Japanese friends have a long history of viewing Cherry Blossoms, Hanami, dating back to 710 AD. 
Unless Google Translate on my device (remember when you were smarter than your phone?) steers me wrong, Utsukushi Sakura can be translated as Beautiful Cherry Blossoms! We here in Wooster Square are newcomers but have great respect for our Cherry Sakura Trees and the beauty they bring to Wooster Square and the City of New Haven. Thank you Japan for these trees and for this wonderful tradition of beauty and renewal! 

There is lots of activity here in Wooster Square. On Hughes Place, we are on the right around peak poppadge. Here is April 5, 2012 from the balcony:

And here is peak poppadge last year, April 26, 2011
Compare this to March 19, 2012. This is the first day I started the blossom consecutive shots from the 3rd floor balcony.
Wow, we've come a long way baby!

On Hughes Place, we might have entered the 2nd half. But what a first half it has been! The winds last night had Wooster Squarians looking out windows like it was a snowstorm or hurricane. Hold on Buds!!!! Gusts of up to 34 mph hit Hughes Place. Needless to say, lots of buds are flying and there IS plenty of "snow" on the ground. But as you can see from above, it is still a must see.

Another interesting phenomenon this year is that the Park blossomed very close to the trees on Hughes Place. I don't take an everyday shot in the Park to compare so I can't give exact days. But the Park is at full peak also, if not a day or two shy. 

!!!!PHOTOGRAHER ALERT!!!!! You can just spend all day taking photos from dusk to dawn. 

Wooster Square is in full bloom and it is spectacular! You must get down if you can to see it in all its glory. If not today, soon! I took most of these shots this morning, on the way to the gym... enjoy.

Looking South on Academy

Hughes Place
(that's a bud floating by on bottom right)

Let's hear it for the Pink, White and Blue!

Looking from Greene to Chapel

Gone with the Wind

Pink Nation!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt,
Wooster Square Blossoms Rock!

Greene and Academy

Wooster Square Snow

Looking south at Chapel and Wooster Place

Neighbor Peter Webster walking his dog and Checking the Wooster Square Blossom Blog on his device! (Note: Pirates Hat)

You have to come see for yourself

Happy Opening Day
Go Detroit Tigers!

(Note: Tiger on Comerica Park scoreboard built and recently restored in Milford Connecticut)

Come see the blossoms and please enjoy responsibly....