Thursday, April 19, 2012

krasivyi vishnevyi tsvet!

Yes! There still are some lingering Cherry Blossoms in the park! Of course I have the photographic proof. Unless my google translate let me down, krasivyi vishnevyi tsvet means: beautiful cherry blossoms! And, because there are quite a few people in Russia who follow the Wooster Square Blossom Blog I thought I should give them a neighborly Wooster Square recognition!!

 Best to start at the beginning of the blog and work your way back if you are new, or have not had the time yet. Get some tissues ready because they won't be back until next year! Not lots of reading and lots of pictures! Stay tuned for this years time lapse of the blossoms. I have two different angles this year. We can relive them all over again! 

Here are some photos I took on the way home from New Haven Fitness. Enjoy! 

Just when you think the Park looks like this...
Or all green and cozy like this...

You still can find some cheerful little baby beauties...

But also one whole tree is in its Peak Poppadge!!
White wispy winning wowers!

Another Wooster Square Winner!

Neighbors in the Park have hives (bee that is), or 
at least, that's the buzz.

But upon closer review, this one looks like an out of towner!

Lot's of other beauty in the Park!
Dogwood's abloom!
Bark if you Love Wooster Square!

Have a great Weekend and come down to Wooster Square!
Thank you Russian visitors!

If you are interested in matted pictures, drop me an email
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