Friday, October 26, 2012

Warm Wonderful Weather & breath taking Beauty! Wooster Square is ablaze in color!

Wow. That is one word you can say to yourself when you walk around the Square this time of year. This year was spectacular in the Blossoming Dept, and this Fall is like putting icing on your favorite Lucibello's Cake.

I was a bit worried as Hurricane Irene took down some of our most colorful varieties. Our beloved Sakura trees braved the storm with nothing but a good trimming. This tree was felled by another, it color will be missed this year, but a newly planted maple sits in it place.
Domino Theory: The tree on the right fell on this colorful gem during Hurricane (tropical storm) Irene.

This past week has sent the Cherry Trees on Hughes Place into their second colorful stage. Sometimes red, sometimes orange, sometimes yellow. Why? I have no idea other than to surprise us with beautiful Fall "Blossoms". Some have come and already faded away...
This one is Redellowrange!
Colors change hourly!
Last Hurrah
Fleetingly Fickle, see you in the spring!

All is not faded and gone in Wooster Square yet. In fact, today and tomorrow before another storm visits us will be the perfect time to enjoy the park. And get this! The original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will be played in the Park with food and seating available. Life is good in Wooster Square! Come join us! The Square is reaching full color!

If you can't, of course I have the (Bl)awesome responsibility on documenting Wooster Square in all its seasons and splendor!
In fact, the Wooster Square Blossom Blog is the World's first (to perhaps put these words together)  Photoblogumentary

Let's take a stroll through the Wooster Square and see what the fall of 2012 is all about!
Pie in waiting or a scary jack o lantern to be!

Hughes Place Fall Blossoms

Hurts your eyes so good!

Some yellow and undecideds (it is an election year-vote!)

Colorful Bench to have pizza on!

Sakura Color Trifecta!

This was the first little lonely leaf on our stoop

These buddies make friends fast!

A stroll finds a leafy trail

Even Wooster Square's tiniest of flowers shout out loud!

Wreaths Honor Italian Heritage

Navigate your way to Wooster Square!

Scenery Changes...

Every day...

The colors are Yummy

Warm October Weather

Has set the park ablaze!

This bird (in flight on right) flew in from Little Italy to see 
the fall colors of 2012

Fast Flying Colors go right by you!

The beauty is like splendor in the grass

Our Smoothie neighbors agree

Wooster Square in the Fall is the place to be!

Just look around and you will see!

See you round the Square! 


Recently, Chery and I went to New Haven's (county), the Madison Beach Hotel for our 4th wedding anniversary. Check it out.

Great views from every room (Wedding Bears)

Check out the Beach in Madison!!

It is everything it is quacked up to be and you won't egret it!

It is a small wonder that you haven't been!

And last but not least....
We didn't give up on Detroit's Automobile business when the chips were down!!
and we won't give up on Detroit now either!

Go Detroit Tigers!!