Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mother Nature Sandy Wakes Up Wooster Square's 2013 Blossom Babies!

Since my last post, we have had Hurricane Sandy and another early fall snowstorm. Also, temperatures have been steadily much colder than last years June-uary if you recall following the year before's Snowmageddon. And after the hurricane, the squirrels in Wooster Square park must have gone on a straight pizza diet. They look as if they are all wearing sumo suits, packing on pounds to survive a long hard winter... at least that is what my mid-western roots are telling me. But hey, I am just a Blossom Blogger, not a weatherman.. hope I am wrong.

Hughes Place during Sandy
(branch in left corner was only damage)
((note no cars))

err...to the Cherry Trees I meant.
This tree was at St. John's and Hughes Place.

In Wooster Square the damage was kept to a minimum. Last year's Irene caused more damage than Sandy. However, Irene's "pruning" was followed up by an aggressive pruning and planting by the City of New Haven. I think that kept this years losses down. But there was a mess to deal with...

Branches of fallen government near DeLauro Table

Gives new meaning to "Fall" We can call it "Fell"

We were lucky and feel for those that were not!

Christopher stood eye to eye with Sandy

Over on the New Haven Green the Lincoln Tree is felled

Before CSI teams showed up to examine bones that were tangled up in the roots. The Green was a cemetery and the headstones are in the Grove Street Cemetery.

Compared to the rest of the East Coast, we were very lucky and are thankful the Sakura Trees in the sky were looking over us in Wooster Square. Here are a few shots of the changing weather in the past month on Hughes Place..
this is October 24th, 5 days before Sandy would take down more than just some leaves...

colors are a changin..

During Sandy again...

Let's throw in some snow in from November 7 

No wonder the squirrels started fattening up

And here was today, November 13, 2012

No worries, less than 6 months to this....
Memories! or Preview!

Peak April 6, 2012

The snow was a bit of a surprise. And the cold. But winter is approaching and a bit faster than we might want....

Confused? But Pretty!

It's like having your Cherry Blossoms with Icing on Top!

2013 Blossom Babies Revealed by Mother Nature Sandy
(She wanted to cover them with a blanket)

There still is plenty of color here in the Square (pizza too!)

A twisting tale
Enjoy hot pies and warm colors!

See you in the Spring!

Only after Sandy whipped through our little piece of heaven on earth we call Wooster Square did I see the future...
2013 Cherry Blossom Babies!

Holy Hurricanes! We have 2013 Blossom Babies!

These are exciting times for every Wooster Squarian at heart. It is a special time of year with the Holidays around the corner. Make sure you put in your calendar to head down to the Square. Be sure to check out one of the great Restaurants from Grand Ave to Wooster Street. Or just grab one of your favorite pies and have a picnic in the Square... and dream of how beautiful our 2013 Cherry Blossoms will be!

See you Round the Square!

Happy Thanksgiving
Wooster Square!