Friday, December 21, 2012

Warm Holiday Wishes from Wooster Square

In Wooster Square, the shadows have gotten longer and the days a whole lot shorter. But those who love the Square have two times a day we enjoy... day and night! As the Holidays approach, there are lights all around. We have our own Christmas Tree in the Square this year joined by a Menorah. Such fun! Our tree lighting was attended by a handful of hearty Wooster Squarians new and old despite the below freezing temps. Poor Chyna almost froze until Cheryl whisked her home!

My last post was after Sandy. We were in the middle to tail end of the fall season and that put about the end to the leaves (but the beginning to the countdown to Blossoms!)

Here we were again after Sandy on Hughes Place:
November 13 2012

And on December 19th:
Imagine tiny buds bursting!

We lost all our leaves but it has not been as cold thankfully. A stroll around the Square still is worth the trip from anywhere...

Tiny Cherry Blossom Buds soaking up December Sun

Can you smell the Pizza?

It's peaceful here in our slice of heaven

Take a walk down memory lane
(then get a cannoli!!)

On a recent walk, I came upon the last of the 2012 Blossoms. Not in a jar, not in a photo, but on one of our almost perpetually Blossoming newer trees. In a world where there are a lot of struggles, in a State that has had an impossible tragedy, perhaps it is Wooster Square's own little Christmas Miracle for those who need some peace and beauty. I'd like to think so.

2012 Christmas Cherry Blossoms!

Our Pink Nation!
(Dec 19 2012)

A December to Remember

Give a Close Bud a Big Hug!

They are Christmasspectacular!

Or just plain beautiful!
(find this  sakura tree at Corner of Academy and Chapel)

Thank You December Cherry Blossoms!

La Passeggiata

If you really want to work off your Dinner, extend your walk from the Square. La Passeggiata is the Italian tradition of an evening stroll after Sunday Gravy (sorry New Haven Register Sports writer Chip Malafronte whose excellent Sports column on Sunday is called "Sunday Gravy"). 

New Haven is bursting with Pride!

Flocking to our great architecture

Old meets New

There's lots to reflect on during Passeggiata!

Make some tracks to Wooster Square for the Holidays!

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog wishes everyone a safe and Happy Holiday

Next blog... Year in Review!