Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012! World Record WoWness in Wooster Square!

 Awesome Blossoms, Wooster Square, The New Haven Open... a New Photoblogumentary!!

Welcome to what was one of the most memorable Years here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square, 2012. First thanks to my Wife, Cheryl, who hatched the idea of having a daily blog with photos of the Cherry Blossom's daily progression. After all, I am out there taking a couple thousand digital images anyway. Then with the blessing of  The Cherry Blossom Festival & Co-Chairman, Charlie Murphy, I set sail into the Blossom Blogashphere! It also made sense since in 2011 I took photos from 2 locations everyday: to predict, to chronicle, to cajole, to fret!,  to name (a blossom blogger prerogative), and of course to let all of you know when to head to Wooster Square during our World Famous Cherry Blossoms! Hence this Photoblogumentary, a mostly photo journal chronicalling not only the Blossoms but the other seasons as well. Wooster Square.  And when the Blossom Blogger goes on the road... so goes the blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog over the past year, it is a(n) (bl)awesome responsibility... and thanks for visiting our slice of Heaven here in Wooster Square, New Haven, Connecticut USA. Happy New Year! Thanks to all around the world who visit our humble most awesome place in the World. Enjoy!

Lots of photos to follow including Blossom Blogging from the New Haven Open at Yale. But first a trip back to school...

Blossom Math

A Daily Blossom Watch is something we all Wooster Squarians do as Spring approaches, or doesn't in the normal sense. 2012 will go down as the hottest in History. And here in Wooster Square it was no different. We saw the earliest blossoms around here than many can remember. I can only go on what people say as Cheryl and I have been keeping track since we were married (we met walking our dogs in the Square in 2008). And my observations are from our roost overlooking Hughes Place. Normally, the Park blooms are 3-5 days later.

            Peak Poppadge          Blossoms Over
2009       April 17                            April 28
2010       April 4                              April 9
2011       April 20                            April 30
2012       March 30                          April 11

2012 was a year with no Winter. After 2011's Snowmaggeddon, we had no snow after January 1st that I can remember. The weather was great. Hence, our Blossoms came WAY early. One of the oddest things that many of us in the square noticed: the rest of the trees and Spring were a good 3 weeks away. And the Park was not too far behind Hughes Place. The weather held (no wind, rain etc) and they lasted nearly two eye popping weeks! These photos show Hughes Place from Street level and from our perch. They are the first ones, peak poppadge and when the blossoms are over. 

March 30, 2012 

April 6, 2012

April 11, 2012

March 18, 2012

April 6, 2012

April 11, 2012

The 2012 Cherry Blossoms were for the record book. We all wait Spring for the Blossoms and all their Cherry Goodness! And this year's did not disappoint. To really appreciate them, You can start to read this blog from the beginning for the daily photos. Or, you can scroll and see a couple from the vault. After that, scroll over to the Square for some Pizza!

2012 Wooster Square Blossoms

They start small..

Buds just Chillin

Getting closer

Buds pop open with a surprise inside!

Pink Nation!

Blossoms Blowing By

Eye Popping Pleasure

Sakura Woostersquaria

Blossom Postcards

Pink Nation Too!

Beautiful Blossom Walk

White Wispy Wonders

Follow the Cherry Lined Row
(for a canoli!)

Bee-ing Happy in Wooster Square!

World Famous Wooster Square 

Don't Miss 2013!

Blossom Snow

Fleeting little Fellas

Could it be possible that the 2013 Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms will Pop on March 30 this year too? That would make for some Easter here in the Square as Easter falls on the second earliest March 31st.  The only way to know for sure is to stay tuned here Wooster Square Blossom Blog. Also, tune in to my next post which will feature time lapse photography of the 2012 Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms from beginning to end! Oh the excitement! Take a look at 2011's time lapse:

As if it were not enough to enjoy these Once a Year Wonders, of course I brought my camera on trips to Pittsburgh, PA to catch a Ballgame and to Essex MA for the Seafood .

Take any bridge to the Steel City

Take me out...

"Wedding Bears" chilling waiting for Bucs game!

Thanks Pittsburgh!

Essex river... hard to capture when covered by Green Heads!
(nasty flies that were out months early according to locals)

History that rings a bell...

Our waiter off to fetch our Lobsta's!

Wooster Square Blossom Blog's to the 

New Haven Open!

Cheryl's family has had a box at the New Haven Open since it came here far from the north as the Volvo Tennis Tournament. So each year we take a week off from the hustle and bustle of Wooster Square to see World Class Tennis right here in New Haven. If you have not  yet  booked your flights into Tweed Inter-State Airport, then mark your calendar! The Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale is one of the finest tennis facilities this side of Flushing! Carbone's Restaurant from Hartford did the food concessions this year which was a pleasant surprise. 

More people are aware of our wonderful Sakura Trees and their blossoms because of their dedicated following of their tennis stars. Their mention and photos has brought hundreds of tennis fans to this blog. We welcome and thank you!!  

Blossom blogs to the New Haven Open!

A bum knee hurt Caroline Wozniaki's chances..
Hey, 4 wins out of 5 years isn't shabby!
(She brought good luck to her world famous boyfriend,
Rory McElroy, who stopped by the Square for some lobster parppadelle!)

Marion Bartoli uses a both handed smash...

The finals were out of her reach...

New sensation Sloane Stephens was too hot to handle
in a scorcher (bring a fan!)

Dominica Cibulova serves up..

Acrobatic Action!

Andrea Petkovic using perfect "english"

Andrea jagged but did not Jig!

Maria Kirilinko muscles her way to the Finals!

Maria's Boyfriend**
World Hockey Super Star and NHL MVP
Alex Ovechkin
(Alex as he votes for Wooster Square as the place to be when you are in New Haven! Thanks Alex, see you next year!)

Great Tournament Maria!

Maria and Alex announce their engagement 
after the New Year! Congratulations!
(Rumor has it they fell in love on Wooster Street in Pepe's Pizza over a medium Margherita Pie and Foxon Park Birch Beer!)
((with each other, not the pie. Which they also loved.))

Petra Kvitiva huge hits kept the whole field at bay

Petra's I love New Haven Shot!
Congratulations Champ!!!

Champion Petra Kvitiva with coach after both realizing that Wooster Square Pizza is only 10 minutes away!

Tournament Director, Anne Worcester 
Thanks Anne!

Want to attend the 2013 New Haven Open and come sample what New Haven has to offer?  Here is the link:

You never know who you will bump into!

Super star New Haven Chef Cheryl Szczarba(really)
discussing Julia Child on the 100 anniversary of her birth, with Tennis fan Jacques Pepin. 

Thanks for making 2012 a great year in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square! 

Voted #1 Blossom Blog by Yale Bulldog!
(Pizza in Wooster Square is what he is thinking! I hope!)

Happy New Year from Wooster Square!

Look for photos of Chyna and Zippy on the Comcast Building
corner of Chapel and Olive. 

Ridiculously photogenic Toy Poodle!

Blind Rock Star Italian Greyhound