Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nemesis Nemo Whooshes Wooster Square White

Wooster Square still digging out after getting walloped by Nemo!

The storm of the Century (just a few years old) blew through Wooster Square and we got hammered. The NOAA which keeps track of these sorts of things shows that here around New Haven we lead about everyone in snowfall totals. It says we got 34 inches which seems about right. 

Inline image 1

I was as everyone pretty overwhelmed by the shear volume of snow. The photos I took were the day we woke up to lots of white. We had no problem getting out our doors but many around New Haven had to use spatulas to dig their way out. 

 Friday Evening as Nemo Rolled in February 8

First things first.. shoveled out front steps out for dogs. 
Good thing Chyna isn't a white poodle or we could have lost her!

This is an SUV parked nexted to sedan out back window!

Neighbor Paul (and little Lulu Leader) literally digging out car (also taken out window)  
Note the huge drift behind him.

Snowmen everywhere Rejoice!

Waking up was a surprise on Saturday...

Cheryl Standing 3-4 feet above the pavement.
Note the two "cars" at end of Hughes on St. John

Hughes Place Saturday February 10
the "tracks" are from cross country skiers, snowshoes
and people walking their dogs to Wooster Square!

Cheryl had time to make a wonderful cake!
(stay tuned for cooking blog?)

Not a night fit for man nor beast!

Peacefully fluffy

DeLauro Table almost vanishes from sight

Snow covered most benches. They were filled later by hungry Wooster Squarians eating pizza after shoveling for days (still!)

There's no Business like Snow Business!

Every day is a Holiday here in the
Wonderful World of Wooster Square

I was around for the blizzard of 1978. I was in East Lansing at Michigan State with Magic Johnson (well he was a freshman too).
Does this compare? We will let the history books figure that out, but I can tell you it was one big party for a few days at Michigan State! Of course the rest of the time I was studying hard...

But Nemo! What he did to the cars in the neighborhood was amazing. Made them into little wooly mammoths...

Hope you remembered where you parked....

Too much work to...

...dig out someone else's car!

this car sent up a periscope!

Get out of the house and out to Wooster Square for some pasta, veal and all sorts of real authentic Italian cuisine! 

Zippy "rescued" this baby zebra wandering the park in the snow.

Chyna chilled in her bed with her Patriots shirt dreaming
of next season's Superbowl chances. Amazingly, she gives the Pat's 4 paws up for next season!

Hughes Place February 19

We didn't get plowed until Monday and our driveway on Tuesday. 
But that didn't stop a hardy group of about 35 people who stopped by for SOUP! on Sunday night. There is a lot to be said to having close friends, close neighbors, hot SOUP! and a storm to talk about.

Switching gears, last years Blossoms popped on March 30th! I don't think that will be the case this year but there is only one place to find out definitively.... right here on your Wooster Square Blossom Blog! Last years time lapse under construction for next post.....
Spring here we come! Good-bye Nemo!