Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hold Your Horses Honorable Hanamians!

Wooster Square Wishing for Warmth, Cherry Blossoms Waylaying

Walking with Chyna and Zippy here in Wooster Square Saturday morning (March 23, 2013) you would think it was still February. In fact, temperatures look like they will stay south of 50 degrees through next Saturday. But that didn't stop spring from coming this week as it does every year here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. And some things are on a calendar!

Tiny buds huddling 

Washington D.C. Waffles?

Due to the recent cold snap on the East Coast, the National Park Service has backpeddled from their prediction of March 26 -30 for their beloved Peak Poppadge to April 3 - 6 for Washington D.C.

Make your own prediction by watching a live cam from the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C., click below.

Wow, that's a lot of pressure for a Blossom Blogger to change his prediction.  In fact, we here in the Square qualify as New Englanders solidly. We think things through, look at the evidence. Since we already know Washington is in gridlock, why would we think they can predict Cherry Blossoms? I started taking 2 shots I call Hughes Views. One from the street and one from the Cherry Blossom Blog Perch.

      Here are the first few shots from this week...
Ahhh Spring Sun...
(March 18, 2013)

Cherry Blossoms Cheerfully getting Chubbier
(March 18, 2013)

Day 2

Ahh Sh(family blog)uger
(March 19, 2013)

Through the snow I see Pink!!
(March 19, 2013)

Ok, so almost every year I start taking daily shots, we get snow in a the first one or two. But later here in on the first week so Spring Wooster Square was treated to another white little shower....
Hard to encourage our Pink Babies to wake up!
(March 21, 2013)

Mostly around the Square it's just been plain chilly. These pesky little snow showers didn't stand up well to the strong spring sun.
Left behind pesky pint-sized pillows of snow
(View across Wooster Square from Greene Streete looking
towards Chapel.) 
((Welcome to the neighborhood Sarah G!))

A short walk over to Lenzi Park in Wooster Square, there is another patch of Sakura tress. I wanted to see how far along they were to their pink and white bliss. 
Huddling close for comfort
(see...the whole world is watching!)

...unfortunately, we are expecting some more of these....
New England Spring Showers
(snow from Thursday)

Today, Palm Sunday, I walked around the park after a great breakfast at the Orangeside Diner on Temple. They make square donuts to die for:

 After saying goodbye to both Mrs. Szczarbas', (I took my wife's name), I wanted to investigate further before giving my ultimate Blossom Blog guess to when they will be blindingly beautiful. (You really don't have to rely on my guess, just follow the blog and you will know!). So I set out in the cold breeze from...

**True Fact**
Did you know, you can get to Wooster Square from any point on this planet? Come for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Sunday April 14 from noon to 5pm

Wooster Square along Academy towards Greene Streete
(Looks almost like winter sans snow)

This trees ruby red leaves are tired of waiting for warmth.

Future Green leaves
(First:  Pink Nation!!)

Court Street, Wooster Square
(grab a pie ((pizza)) and have a picnic in Wooster Square!)

Buds Hanging not Blooming

Hughes Place looks likes this Sunday 3-24

One week of warm weather will rustle some blossoms

...because if you look real close...

Cold Buds looking for warm weather to Party!
(Hughes Place 3-24-13)

Picking when these Cherry Blossoms is harder than picking a perfect bracket in the NCAA Basketball. It is supposed to remain chilly through next week. So I don't have to say I'm wrong until after our initial prediction dates of April 10-15 for Peak Poppadge goes by...

AND, Cheryl's working hard so I can't ask her! 

You can never go wrong by staying tuned to the Wooster Square Blossom Blog for further updates! You will be sure to catch the first through the last of Wooster Square's World Famous Cherry Blossoms!

Last year's time lapse still to come....

Check out my show at Creative Arts Workshop April 1-22, Artists Reception April 5, 5-7. 

I hope everyone in Wooster Square and beyond has a Wonderful Holiday(s)!

See You Round the Square!