Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wooster Square in Waiting but not Wondering!

Spring Stalling Signals Super Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Wooster Square is finally showing some signs of life around here, and I'm not just talking about things that make us smile...

Dainty Daffodil one of Wooster Square's new residents

No, this time of the year you see a lot of activity in the Park. Because the temps here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square have inched upwards, you see people out in the Park doing Spring things. Walking, picnicking, playing frisbee and ball. I can't wait to see what happens if we get to 60 degrees! 

Quick Blossom Math

Today is Saturday March 30th. This is the look from Hughes Place Today, Saturday and during last year laugher of a winter and spring...
Not too much to see yet....
March 30, 2013

March 30, 2012
What a difference a year makes!

What does this all mean for our own
Wooster Square Pink Nation?

Funny, that's why I'm here. To keep all things Pink and White and Blossomy in perspective. Since I take and took a picture everyday until the Blossoms come and go, I can Blossomate (take a Blossom Bloggin Good Guess) the number of days until I think this years World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms will Pop! While you sit on the edge of your device with sweating palms and look at some photos, I have some other reasons to head to Wooster Square in the next couple of weeks...

Top Ten Reasons To Head to Wooster Square
  April 2013

10. Eggplant Rollotini at Tre Scalini on Wooster Street.

9. Coffee at Fuel Coffee Shop

8. Polenta at Consiglios on Wooster Street

7. Libby's Italian Ice

6. Picnic on De Lauro Table in Wooster Square
Easter 2012

5. Cannoli's from Lucibello's 

4. Margherita Pie at Pepe's.

3. Adriana's John Dory Sea Bass

2. Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival
(April 14, 2013)

1. Hughes Place Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms!!!
Pink Nation!

All of this Blossom Math has my head spinning. Took my camera to the gym yesterday to get some other shots around... 

Windows Wondering when Wooster Blossoms Pop!

Buds Barely Beginning 

Brilliantly Bright

Court Street Colors

Soon to be Bright and Blossomy!

Pretty Preview!
(Juvenile tree at corner of Academy and Chapel that also was in bloom in December. Kids these days...)

Wooster Square Star

7 Bundles of Pink and White Bliss
March 29, 2013

Come to World Famous Wooster Square this April to make your own Top 10! Be sure to come to the Cherry Blossom Festival from noon to 5pm on April 14th..... Because according to the Wooster Square Blossom Blogger our Big, Beautiful, Bright Blossoms will be Popping... April 12 (well within Blossom Blogging Margin of initial guess of 10th - 15th). 

Just in time for our Cherry Blossom Festival
April 14, 2013!!

Check out my new photo exhibit at 
Creative Arts Workshop

April 1 - 22
Artists Reception Friday April 5, 2013
5-7pm, stop by and say hi!

Meet the "bArtist"

Still, still to come... last years slideshow
You never know who might be in town at New Haven Fitness.
Is that Country Star Brad Paisley?
(Nice Hat, Go Tigers!)

No... that is Alex, my trainer at New Haven Fitness, who kicks my Blossom Blogging Bud so I have all the strength and endurance to bring you every bit of World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Goodness!

Thanks Alex and New Haven Fitness!

Yes Ladies, Brad.. er Alex informs me he is single!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Opening Day for Baseball!
Go Detroit Tigers!
(Blossom Fact: Tigers atop Comerica Park Sign in Detroit made right here in New Haven's (county) Milford Connecticut!)

See you Round the Square!!