Sunday, March 17, 2013

National Cherry Blossom Challenge!

Washington D.C. Vs Wooster Square!

Cherry Blossom Tale of the Tape....

Washington D.C.
Wooster Square
New Haven, CT

When: Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing))
March 26-30
April 10 – 15 (April 14 Festival)
Nations Capitol
New Haven's 1st Historic Local District
Famous For…
Politics, Power, Cherry Blossoms
Pizza, Hamburgers,Politics, Cherry Blossoms
Washington Monument
Christopher Columbus Statue
Residents known as…
Wooster Squarians
Notable Resident
President Barack Obama
(Michelle’s Husband)
Louise De Lauro
(Congressional Rep. Rosa De Lauro’s Mother)
Famous address
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
(White House)
157 Wooster Street
(Pepe’s Pizza)
Nationally Known Theaters
Ford, National, Lincoln
Shubert, Long Wharf, Yale Repertory
Famous Traitors
John Wilkes Booth
Benedict Arnold
Heroic General
George Washington
(First U.S. President)
David Wooster
(Died in Battle of Ridgefield)
Fun Fact
President Washington wanted District named for Christopher Columbus)
Christopher Columbus Statue
Singles Life ( source: Kiplingers)
Not in top 10
(Baltimore #2)
Ranked 4th in the Nation!
(Cheryl and I met walking our dogs in Wooster Square)
Famous Museums
US Holocaust Museum
Yale Center for British Art, Yale University Art Gallery, Peabody Museum
Famous Cemetery
Grove Street Cemetery
Secret Police
Skull and Bones Society
Area Schools 
Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, American, National War College
Yale, Albertus Magnus, Southern Connecticut, University of New Haven, Gateway, Quinnipiac
Commissioned Public by Robert H. Szczarba Sculptures
(Cheryl's Dad) 
“Three Pentagons”
Mathematical Association of America
Luce Hall, Yale University
Peak Poppadge Authority
(70% of Sakura Trees in Bloom)
National Park Service
Wooster Square Blossom Blogger
(er…my wife)
Chief Climate Advisors
National Weather Service
Gil Simmons
(Chief Meteorologist Storm Team 8
WTNH New Haven)
Peak Poppadge! (2013 Guess)
March 26-30
April 10-15
One Night Stay at the Omni
Hotel during Peak Poppadge
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, D.C.
Omni New Haven Hotel
New Haven, Connecticut
While I take a few minutes to tally the unofficial results tabulated by myself with Zippy looking over my shoulder to make sure I am being fair... (Zippy is our blind Rock Star Italian Greyhound)
We can take a little trip to Washington then I can take you through the past few days here in the square....

Chyna "went" on this guys lawn and you should have seen everyone come running (GB in House on Cheryl's 50th we went to D.C.) ((Supreme Court rules corporations are individuals))
National Treasures, National Art

Cheryl's All time favorite... (last year was the celebration Julia's 100th Birthday)

 Like Dinner with the Szczarba's
(Cheryl has a cooking thing...)

Washington's museums are as large as life!

Some remember the sorrow...
(The top of the WTC Building on view at the Newseum, 
alongside several stories of the front page of newspapers from around the world after 911, terribly moving)

History Everywhere

Art Deco Door

Monumental Change in color...
(construction was stopped for 30 years because war)

The Willard Hotel
(Blossom Blogger gave their stay 5 Blossoms!)
The hotel gave meaning to the term Lobbyist.
President Grant would walk from the White House to have his cocktail in the Hotel Lobby. Those trying to court his favor were called "Lobbyists"

Thanks Washington D.C.
We had a great time!

A few miles up I-95, here in Wooster Square, spring is springing up all over. But as my Chief Blossom Climate Adviser and Wooster Square neighbor Gil Simmons says, it will be up and down but mostly chilly for a few days...

That doesn't stop some Spring Things Happening!

These were some Cherry Buds on March 13
Seemingly Sunning

Easterly Looking 

New Haven History Has us Happy

Time for the old...

...and the new
360 Meters to Wooster Square
(take or less...)

More reasons to celebrate spring in Wooster Square!

So take a walk over to see...
(#1 Quinnipiac Fan of #1 Quinnipiac Hockey
and his dog)

Don't let yesterdays snow showers deter you!

Soon to be Blossoming!!!!

Coming Real Soon
Today, March 17, 2013

The Results of the National Cherry Blossom Challenge are in.... and the winner is...

The Winners!!!

Cherry Blossom Watchers! (Hanami)

Both Washington D.C. and our World Famous Wooster Square are great places to visit and view Cherry Blossoms!!

Thanks for taking part and remember, if you stay with a friend in D.C., You can stay 2 nights during Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms!!

Click here for Wooster Square Festival Info

Check out my Show at Creative Arts Workshop

April 1-22

click here for CAW

Rumor has it Cheryl's little cooking video blog is taking shape...
maybe she got a little  advice from our fellow tennis fan....

Cheryl and Jacques at New Haven Open
(Jacques poodle met Chyna in Essex where he had some drawings on display and sale...)

It won't be long!!

See You Round the Square!

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