Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Biting Chill Beguiling our Beautiful Blossoms

Mother Nature Builds Suspense

Monday April 2nd felt like any other day, any other day in the winter I should say. The day was sunny enough, but you felt as if you were standing inside a walk in freezer... in front of a fan. As our neighbor and Chief Climate Adviser, Storm Team 8 Gil Simmons said this morning how warm you felt was depending on which side of the street you were on, the sun helped a bit. 

That didn't stop me from noticing how much farther along our precious pink and white babies are. IF, we had a couple of days of 60 degree weather these guys will really start to come around. 

The Blossoms on Hughes Place (Blossom Blog Headquarters) usually are 3-5 days before the rest of the Wooster Square park. And because the park has trees that vary in maturity, the park doesn't always go at the same time. The easiest thing to do is to sign up for emails so you can see pictures. Starting everyday soon. 

Hughes Views Slideshow!

Yes, I did upload the slideshow to You Tube and I will have a link below. I take the picture from our Romeo & Juliet porch above Hughes Place. I take the shot freehand, standing in relatively same spot everyday. The photos are mostly used for scientific blossom research purposes to determine when they Pop, Peak Poppadge, and when they are over(bummer). So I have a couple of seconds to appreciate the change daily. I hope you enjoy.

While I put the film in the You Tube projector and you grab some popcorn (it's only over a minute)  let's see some photos from around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square...

360 degrees below zero
(what it felt like walking to the New Haven Fitness)

Satellites from WTNH help broadcast immediate
Wooster Square Blossom Blog updates
(The Whole World Watches Wooster Square)

Hughes Place Blossom Buds April 1, 2013

Iris Looking Crocus Crooning 
(only about two inches tall)

Court Street, Wooster Square USA
Make a date visit Wooster Square

April 14, 2013 is the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Court Street Colors

If you made a stroll around Wooster Square and looking up at the our Beautiful Beloved Sakura Trees at the end of Court Street you see the buds it the air...

Here, There and Everywhere

Soon to be Bright and Pink and Blossomy
(Looking toward corner of Greene Streete and Academy)

Coming Soon!!
Hughes Place April 2, 2013

Stop By Creative Arts Workshop to see my latest photo exhibit

April 1-22
Photographs from box 4A at the New Haven Open, capturing an instant in time when form and athletic elegance intersect.

Artists Reception this Friday from 5-7 pm is free and open to the public. Stop by and say hi! 

Last but not least. Since it was so chilly, and these blossoms warm your heart to the core there can be no more delay.


Looking at World Famous Wooster Square's 
Cherry Blossoms can cause permanent Smileness.
Pass it on. 

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See You Round the Square!