Friday, April 12, 2013

Cherry Blossom Chamber Music Charms Wooster Square

World Class Musicians and Neighbors Perform For Us and our Pink and White Delights

After our 2 day respite of warmth the Square is back to its chilly beginnings. However, we are looking at one fine day for Sunday, the 40th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Chief Blossom Blog Climate Advisor Gil Simmons says Sunday should be sunny and 55 in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Perfect day for a festival after this rainy, cold and dreary Friday. 

What a great excuse to get out of the house tonight at 7:30 and head to Wooster Square for the 15th Annual Pre Cherry Blossom Chamber Concert in St. Michael's. All are welcome and the event is FREE! One of the best things about living in the Square is meeting all of these other fabulous talented Wooster Squarians. If you can't make the concert be sure to come for the Festival on Sunday between noon and 5pm. 

The Cherry Blossoms from our Beloved Sakura trees will be continuing their plumpness to explosion right before your eyes on Sunday. Just in one day look how much further they are on Hughes Place than yesterday, in two days they will be on their way to Pink Madness. 

Just Yesterday

Just Plain Exciting!

Raindrops a fallin on my Buds,
Makes me see Pink Nation!

Today was even difficult to stand up on the Blossom Perch to take today's photo. The wind driven rain makes for a wet and foggy lens.
Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will drive our buds on Hughes Place into a White and Pink Fairyland for Sunday's Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Pre Festival Concert: Friday 7:30
Cherry Blossom Festival: Sunday Noon to 5pm

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 Arlene and Cheryl Szczarba, Realtors at Seabury Hill for their continued support of New Haven and the arts.)

Check out today's Daily Nutmeg about the Festival 
(my first "review")

Thanks Christopher Arnott and the Daily Nutmeg!!

Congratulations Yale and Quinnipiac Universities for playing for the National Hockey Championship on this Saturday!

Good Luck and thanks for making Connecticut Hockey as exciting as when I was growing up in Hockey Town USA!

And a shoutout to the New Haven Register Sports Staff writers that have done a great job covering both Yale and Quinnipiac Hockey this year. 

See You Round the Square!