Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunny Spring Shows Signs of Summer

Wooster Square Wonders? 

Why wait to visit?

Wooster Square isn't just for our Blessed Blossom Babies and Complete Sakura Silliness. The Park has turned all Green and inviting. Walking the Park in the Spring is so peaceful, cool and calm. You can feel the brilliantly beautiful  breeze blowing in right off the water of Long Island Sound in New Haven Harbor.  You can smell the sea, almost tasting its briny saltiness in your senses. Some of the first Wooster Squarians were Merchant Sailors, the Historic Homes in the Square dotted with Widow Walks, Where Worried Wooster Square Women Waited and Watched Wistfully.

This Saturday, Cheryl, Chyna Zippyand I embarked on a mission of Flaxseed and Whole Grain Breads from our Nationally Recognized Top 10 Farmers Market, right here in World Famous Wooster Square. Run by CitySeed, the Market has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Not only can you get vegetables but my friend and fellow Detroit native, Chris, always goes to the market to get fresh seafood and oysters every Saturday. If you have not come down to the Farmers Market on Saturdays to Wooster Square (now year round).... now there's a reason to visit our Super Square of Summer Fun.  

Cheryl and I were both remarking on how many people now are using the Square for throwing frisbees, playing catch, having picnics, walking their babies (there are Tons of Tots around...) and my favorite, eating pizza. There is nothing like Wooster Street Pizza, no matter where you get it, what you like on it or how you like to eat it... now there's another good reason to visit our Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

Last Sunday was the first day that the clouds really parted and we dried out a bit. Fittingly, New Haven was shining brightly for all our  Mothers.

 Trinity Church Towering

Yale Colors  Colliding

Nicely New Harkness History

Vivacious Varini Varies by Visitor
(Site Projects Scultpure Next to Zinc 
on Chapel Street. "Square with Four Circles")
Right up the street, visit the Yale Center for British Art
which was recently named #15 in the World's 50 Greatest Museums by the Times of London. World Class New Haven is a 10 minute walk from the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. 

Speaking of World Class Events...
The International Festival of Arts and Ideas
Coming in June!
Many events are Free but others require tickets and are amazing!

Also, if you have not had a chance to check out our Eagle that is on the New Haven Line, 10 minute bike from Wooster Square.
Eagles in New Haven?!?!
Cheryl and I saw one diving in a pond in New Haven off I-91.
Pretty Awesome!
Here is Mom sitting on her two new Eaglets named....

Pepe and Sally!!!

Thanks for Coming to New Haven Mr & Mrs B. Eagle! (Hamden)
Little Pepe and Sally are too little for Pizza Presently
(Mom and Dad Like the Clam Pie)

Back in Wooster Square after a wonderful Mother's Day Brunch, I was checking out all things Blossomy on the Blossom Blog Research Mainframe. It seems, perhaps even Google out Blossom'd me by coming up with a Cherry Blossom Street View maps of Japan's Beautiful Blossoms of each city. Amazing. And you thought I was crazy about my Precious Pink and White Pretties! Take a look!

Let's check out and about the Square the rest of the week.

Sun Shines 360 points of Light

Wooster Square Makes Mindfulness Meaningful

Wooster Square Smileage Serenity
(Perpetually Blooming Sakura-
Corner of Academy and Chapel St)

Rosie Running Rowdily
(Tennis Balls beware!)

Cranes Constructing Quintessentially Cool "Q"
(Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, over
the "Q"uinnipiac River)

Whole World Watches Wooster Square
(Lenzi Park)

Lingering Last Lovely Loners

Sakura Gleens Park Green

Likeable Lilac Leaves Laugh Lines

Sensational Spring for Supper in Square

Colors Ablaze

Wooster Square Wows

Make Tracks For Wooster Square!

This fine Sunday morning, May 19th finds Graduations here on the damp side. I took my two Mrs. Szczarba's (I took my wife's name), to our New Haven Sensation that was just recognized as one of the 50 Best Doughnut Shops in the USA by Saveur Magazine! The Orangeside Luncheonette. If you have not had their Square Doughnuts then you are really missing out on a New, New Haven legend in the making. The breakfasts are very good too. And it's only a 10 minute walk from the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.

On leaving, the owner said he told Saveur Magazine's editor he would take on any other Doughnut shop in the country in a face off taste off. I personally volunteer my extraordinarily sense of doughnut deliciousness to serve as a judge in any such competition. So if any of the Editorial staff of Saveur Magazine such as: James Osland, Editor in Chief or Chief Food Editors Betsy Andrews and Tod Coleman want to have it here in World Class New Haven, I am on board. If the New Haven Register's Sportswriter and Food lover Chip Malafronte (Read his column Sunday Gravy in the NH Register Sports...very good) wants to add his expertise, that would be great too! 

Rumor has it that Orangesides owner, Tony Poleshek, Jr. makes Square Doughnuts because of his Love for Wooster Square and its historic Square (it would make a nice Wooster Square story, however, now you can't have a one of these Squares of Superb Sugery Sinfulness without Wooster Square on your mind....)

For an interesting article on Orangeside along with a video...

Unfortunately, today is not a warm and fuzzy kind of day. We had spritzles all morning. Just enough to make things damp and drippy.

Dainty Water Droplet Wonders

Lamp Lights Looming

Teensy Tiny Wooster Snailian
(he wanted to know where Wooster Street was...
a common question posed to locals... 

Before we head off for a new Bright Blossomy Week...

Let's take a look at some Blossom Math with our Daily Photos
Highlighting day # 2, Peak Poppadge, and today from 
both Hughes Place and the Blossom Perch



(Wait til next year!)



Wicked Fun!

Next Week:

The Blossom Blog Mainframe has been crunching data and tabulating the weather forecasts from Storm Team 8 for 2014.  

The Results will be tabulated and the date of
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