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Blossom Blog Goes Bonkers on Biking Birding Bonanza!

Square Starts Super Stunning Cycling Sightings

When the Heat get's Hot, some of us Hit the road on our bikes to explore this Historic City and environs. Summertime is an especially busy time for my wife, Cheryl Szczarba, and perhaps this summer even more than ever. Good news for New Haven and the Connecticut economy.

You see, Cheryl was the one who, along with the Historic Wooster Square Association, concocted this idea of a Big, Bright, Beautiful Blossom Blog to let the people of Wooster Square and beyond know when our Sweet Sakuras are Supremely Satisfying. In other words, I take photos (lots of them) and we could blog about the Cherry Blossom progress... predicting, cajoling, smiling and the tiny tears of sadness when they are gone like the wind.

But then the Real Estate market picked up and the rest is history. Lot's of Photos, Phun and Phollies for this Phella. Your Photoblogumentary was born! 

Cheryl and I picked up some Super Slick City Cycles at Devil's gear recently. New Haven is one of the most fun interesting Cities to bike in the Northeast. Don't have a bike? Rent a super slick city cycle for only $25 for the day! Cheryl had a busy few days so I decided to put my camera gear in my bike bag and took off. Besides, my doctors advise me to back off a bit at the gym, so I decided to mix a little exercise with some Phreekin Phabulous Photo Phun!

Holy Hanami Home on Hughes Place!
$1,000,000 Views on Hughes for sale 
over 50% 0ff!!
(silly selfless self promotion)

I do love taking photos of Blossoms of any Bouquet, but I also love and am fascinated by Fowl of all Fun Feathered Flying Flocks. For two days I hit in and around New Haven and Cheryl joined me on Sunday's Super Sweet City Sightseeing Successful Cycling. 

If you go anywhere, for a walk, car ride, bike ride or anywhere, a great app Free app to track your journey is Google Tracks. All my rides start and end where else? Right here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Last Friday I rode to Lighthouse Point, New Haven's Beautiful Bountiful Beach and Best kept secret. 

Check out my Google Track 
(click on link)
Lighthouse Ride 

Let's Head out From Historic Wooster Square!
 before we go...
Congratulations to Wooster Squarian and neighbor 
Garth Harries for being named 
Superintendent of New Haven Public Schools!
Welcome Aboard (he was already asst)!

click here to read about Garth in the New Haven Independent!

We are off!!

New Haven's Air Conditioning System
(up close and personal with windmill
you can see when you cross the 
Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge)

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge
(Q Bridge)
((The Old Q Bridge in green coming Down this Weekend!!))

Lobsters Last Stand

A little off the beaten track, but on Chapel Street right by the
Carmen Bridge. The boat and pots all parked right  next to the shop.

I asked him the price as I wizzed by and he said $6.99 a pound!
Fresh Lobster less than 5 minutes on your bike from our 
Sweet Sakura Precious Patch of Humble Perfection...
World Famous Historic Wooster Square!!

How Yummy is that? Better smothered in Butter!
(Sorry Lobsteraterians)

Tug Boat Tug Boat Tug Boat!!!

For Birders, lighthouse point is a Mighty Mecca of Multiple Maneuvering Migration Mobile Mega Mania. They have a Migration Festival in September that draws Birders from all over. I did spy a half dozen Ospreys flying off the cliff near the Pardee Seawall. Alas, even with a powerful lens they are too far away. But there is a lot to look at here at my first iced coffee break.

New Haven Harbor Rockin

History Following Fellows these Susans

Lamps Light Little Cove Lovers

Viva Vista!

Beauty, Blossoms, Butterflies and...

Big Bright Beautiful Bumble Bees
(Pink Nation!)

Peaks of Purple Pleasers

Pink Nation!!
Pink Nation Too!

Yes Virginia, there is a Lighthouse!
(At Lighthouse Point Park)

Morris Cove Looking at the Pardee Seawall 
where I took my coffee break 

What no Birds?

Well we did encounter some Beautiful Blossoms! Now the real birding adventures begin! Last Saturday I rode to the top of East Rock Park. Albeit in my lowest gear most of the way (a turtle passed me going up), but I never stopped. When I got to the top I enjoyed my Willoughby's  Iced coffee and grabbed the camera out of my bag.

West Rock a Rockin

Angel of Peace up close and Personal
(she doesn't say much)

Hazy Hot and Humble

Yale University

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge From East Rock
(although that is New Haven Harbor)
((The Busiest Port Between New York and Boston!!))

Wooster Square from the Air!!
(St. Michael's can be seen on 
Simmering Sleepy Summery Square)

Orange Street by East Rock Park

It was about now I heard these birds!

American Kestrel Hunting

Fanciful Feathered Flights are Fun!
(Southern Connecticut University)

West Rocks Southern Connecticut University

Going Down!

Kestrel Catch!!
(this one has a mouse)

It's Kestrel Quidditch
Who's got the Quaffle?!?!?

These Beautiful Birds of Perilous Prey were having a ball chasing the one with the Quaffle!

Lot's of Chippy Chirping!

Scout and About!

Classic Kestrel Quaffle Caught!

Twisting and Turning 
(Kestrel reaching for the steal!)

Not Today!

She (I assume as she is a bit smaller. Or even worse, a juvenile)
((kids these days!!))
made off with the Quaffle and peeled off to eat the Trophy!

Better Luck in the Next Game of 
Kestrel Quidditch!

Interesting Interloper
(Counter Culture Turkey Vulture)

Stunning Views of Fun Fair Haven Heights

Four Fun Feathered Frolicking Stars!

With such fun Bird Sightings, I decided to bike over to the Hamden Eagles to see if I could catch a glimpse.

Prime Priceless Eagle Property
(Nobody Home!)

Twice last week Cheryl and I rode past the nest with no luck.
However, one day one was in a tree barely to be seen...

I think it's Mommy worrying about baby's new Flying

Ties That Bind
(Right at the base of the Eagles nest)
((notice I am on the right side of the tracks))

By the way, I was wrong about there being two eaglets. I assumed their name was Pepe and Sally's of course. But I was wrong! Turns out there is just one eaglet and the name is...

There are a lot of places to have pizza in Wooster Square, but if you have not tried Abate Appizza you are missing out!
Try a Cheryl Special...
Pepperoni and Garlic and order it
Well Done!

It is out of this World!

Later in the week I found this 
Super Secretive Osprey Nest Nearby
Home Sweet Nest!

Sunday Drivers

On Sunday Cheryl joined me on a New Haven Shore River Ride. But first we went to Historic Grove Street Cemetery.
Cheryl had mentioned that while paying respects to her father (Yale Mathematician Robert Szczarba), she noticed a pair of Hawks! So we went to pay our respects and see if we could locate these Huge Hawks among History.

Szczarba/Connors Memorial 
(Fence designed at Creative Arts Workshop)
((Thanks Ann and Eric!)

Grove Street Cemetery is one of New Haven's most interesting places. If you have not gone on a tour or walked through yourself, it is a New Haven must! And yes, there are plots still available!

Serenity, calm and quiet. Peaceful. Then all sorts of screeching!
I am not a professional Birder, but having your ears to the air is a great way to find big bad beautiful Birds! They make sounds like... what in the Helena Montana was that?!?!?

Fine Feathered Friend looks Fiendishly Fierce!

Flights of Fancy

As they flew off, I had to retrieve my bike from a few streets over and Cheryl took these shots of the Huge Historic Hunting Hawks

City Sightseeing

Super Surreal Soaring

Thanks Bill and Joan!
(Grove Street Caretakers)

Off to the Super Shiny Sunny Shore and Quaint and Quiet Quinnipiac River!

Teensy Tiny Pink Pretties!

Ospreys Often Elicit Ohs!

Mammoth and Majestic Man!

I noticed something amiss on this bird of binary bliss.... he is missing a claw/leg!!

I got him/her from both angles and he or she indeed missing a foot to the monster...
Silver Sea Beasts Stripers or Sea Bass!
(doubt it was an aging alligator)

Footloose and Fancy Free

Fly the Friendly Skies

Did you know that you can Fly into Historic New Haven?

Ask your device to direct you to Tweed Interstate Airport!

Cycling Circling Back, We headed up Long Wharf

Curious Cormorant 

Serious Sea Gull Sits Serenely 

Quiet Quinnipiac

Parked in the Same Spot Now is the Amistad!
Hurry, she will be leaving port
at the end of the month!
Tours available!

Read about her trip home and how to visit while 
she is in her Historic Home Port:
New Haven Connecticut!!


I hope you had fun on our Rides!

There is plenty of excitement on the Horizon
Here in Historic Wooster Square!

*****Blog Seventy Five*****

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And, in anticipation of the 
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