Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wooster Square Blossom Blog Logs Seventy Five

Simply a Super Sakura Square Celebration!

 Blossom Blog Brings Bountiful, 

Beautiful Blog Seventy Five

Exciting things are always happening here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square! So much so, that this is the 75th post for the Wooster Square Blossom Blog. Cheryl and I have enjoyed reporting on our Precious Patch of Humble Perfection, Wooster Square and beyond. After all, the Cherry Blossoms, like life, are/is fleeting. We need to stop and find the beauty in every moment. 

          when cherry blossoms
                  no regrets

R.H. Blyth (A History of Haiku)

Luckily, in Historic Wooster Square and New Haven, there is always something to do. While enjoying your favorite pie in the park, drink in the History, taste the authenticity and of course look for Big Beautiful Blossoms. Take a break, Wooster Square makes mindfulness more momentous, meaningful for many.

Like many Wooster Squarians, Cheryl and I took flight of our Spectacular Square for points beyond. We took off for the Motor City once we heard of their recent Blundering Benjamin Busting Bankruptcy. Mainly for a Szczarba clan reunion (all 8 of us) to go to a Detroit Tigers game and eat the best Greek food I have ever had. Of course I brought my camera so coming up next (after the NHO):

Wooster Square Blossom Blogs to
Detroit Michigan

 Also, this Weekend starts World Class Women's Tennis right here in Wooster Square (New Haven)  

The New Haven Open

 I thought it would be fun to ask the Blossom Blog Mainframe to take some of the Women's Tennis Stats and Tales of Two Cities and have a 

United States Women's Tennis Challenge 

between New Haven and a little known city 60 miles down I-95 called New York City. Rumor has it, their famed Central Park was modeled after Historic Wooster's own Super Square (source:

If you follow Women's Tennis, you will know that everyone was shocked when, practically a New Haven Natural Native, Marion Bartoli won wicked wonderful Wimbledon with a walk off! But just days ago Marion Bartoli retires from Tennis altogether. Meanwhile, being headlined here as Major Marion coming home where she has played so hard for so many years. She was a Blossom Blog Favorite to kiss the crystal after the final. Alas, we loved watching you Marion and all of New Haven wishes you luck and rest in your retirement! 

Major Marion Makes it a Masterful Metier

(If you didn't catch, she had an emotional, tearful interview when she just walked off the court for the last time. When asked why the wicked wonderful wet waterfall, Major Marion said she is known to be emotional. But when it hit her during the interview that she would "...not be coming to New Haven, the tears just came flowing thinking about missing all the great people and eating Pizza at Pepe's in Wooster Square!")

((That has brought grown men to tears also... Frank Sinatra himself was said to be brought to tears having learned Sally's Appizza was closed for vacation during a visit to Wooster Square.))

 We will miss you too Marion!  

Since this is the 75th post, I thought it would be nice to look at some of 2013 World Famous Historic Wooster Square Cherry Blossom photos. So while the Mainframe churns the data, enjoy some more photos of this years Blossoms, in no particular order...

Danger: Intense viewing of our Square's Sweet Sakuras can cause Huge Hyperventilating Hanami Hysteria. It is highly recommended to Breathe normally during viewing...

Peak Poppadge 
April 21, 2013

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square

Our Blossom Buds we Followed Daily

Signs of Super Square Spring

Court Street Colors

Plenty of Pink Power Pyrotechnics 

Pink in the Square, Pink Everywhere

Just Jubilant Juvenile Jolts

Fanciful Fence Fireworks For Fun

Columbus Ponders Power of Pink Nation

Pretty Pink Puckered Pillow Purses

Awesome Anticipation Always

360 Sweet Sakura Satisfactions

Bountiful Beautiful Blossoms Abound

Flower Fence Foto Fun 

Sakura Suprise
Blossom Bonsai Beauty Baffles 

Sunny Sakura Stroll in Square

Hurray for the Pink White and Blue

Memory Banks Engaged

Morning Mesmerized

 Everyday is a Holiday in
the Wonderful World of Wooster Square

White and Pink
Ying and Yang

Plenty of Powerful Petals 

Magically Momentous

Fellas Flocked For Fruitful Foto Fun

Superior Square Sights Squeal
Pink Nation!

Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
-Wooster Square-

Our Buds in Full Budding

We rolled out the Pink Carpet

Reserved Seats Available

We will light up the Square for You...

Rain or Shine!

Shadow Dancers Dream

Note to Self...
make tracks for Wooster Square!

Pink Nation!

Leaning, Loving Likeable Lips 

Wooster Square...
Somewhere over the rainbow
(or at the end)

Wet Weather for Wooster Square

Snowbody knows our Sakura Sorrow

Tippy Treetops Terribly Tittilating

Holy Hanamian Hip, Hip, Hurray!

 Pink Patient Perfection Pleases Park People Plenty
See you Next Year!!

What a memorable year 2013 was in the Blossom Department! Make memories in 2014 right here in World Famous Wooster Square...

Before we get the final Tennis Challenge results, let's look at some photos from last years New Haven Open, take from box 4a...

These were some of what I called 
"Cheryl's Picks"

Don't Miss Exciting World Class Tennis, 
right here at 
The New Haven Open!!

The Results are in! 
(click on the chart to enlarge)

You decide!

See You at the NHO Tennis or

See You Round the Square!