Sunday, July 14, 2013

Horrendous Humungous Humid Heatwave Hits Historic Square Hard

Sea Breeze Saves Super Scorched Square

The Heat is on here in World Famous Historic Wooster Square. After all, it is the middle of July, perhaps the Delirious Drooling Dog Days. I know of one little 4 1/2 Pounds of Pure Precious Puppy love, Chyna, who won't give up playing with her baby bouncing ball know matter how hot it gets... or until her tongue falls out of her mouth!

Lookout! Luscious Little Love can't hold her Licker!

The International Festival of Arts and Ideas was a complete success. So many visitors from all over the State, and beyond. A real World Class event held right here in New Haven. Next up? World Class Women's Tennis right here in the Elm City! More about the tennis later...

New Haven Mayoral Race 2013

A Blossomation

New Haven's Mayoral Race is Hotter than this Jumping Jimminy July Sun! I was wondering... what if I fed all the Candidates Campaign information into the Blossom Blog Mainframe to Blossomate the Simple Super Salient Circumstances to assure Winning Historic Wooster Square? Then, cross reference that with all the Blossom Blogging Data accumulated in its Mountainous Mechanical Mainframe Memory? When finished, the Curious Crooning Candidates will see exactly how easy it will be to get Everybody's Vote in Wooster Square. We have a Healthy Happy Herd Horse race Here for Wooster Square's (New Haven's) top spot open for the first time in 20 Years!  Who needs a Spin Doctor, all one has to do is be in tune with all things Pink and Blossomy in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square.  

While I give the Blossom Mainframe a few minutes to crunch all the data, why don't we take a peek at the Parade(s) for the St. Andrew Society Festival. It has been a tradition here in World Famous Historic Wooster Square since 1900!! 

 Walking on Wooster
New Haven Knights Know Wooster Square Well!
(opening Festival Parade)

Reverse your course!
Head to Historic Wooster Square!

Sunday's Magical March Through Wooster Square

The Statue coming up Wooster Place by Wooster Square Park is Hoisted High and Horribly Heavy! It takes a small army of Husky Hulks and a swarm of handlers. Twice they had to stop for a water break. I heard one Beefy Bodybuilder tell his Buddy to just think about the Sausage and Peppers and Cold Beer and to keep his feet moving! Later, he could be found manning the Beer cart at the Historic Festival. Nice Job Gentleman!

St Andrew and A Few Good Men

Each has a Graciously Good Guardian Gal (Guy) on his Shoulder

Peach Wine for the Wonderful Wooster Women

Enjoy Generations of Wooster Square Memories

Future Wooster Squarian 
Leaders Love Learning about Long Lineage

Just Jane 
(and Rosie)
((neighbor and fellow photographer))
(((Jane, not Rosie)))

Jane provided me with this short clip as the parade

Thanks Jane! Wooster Squarian for Life!

Well Done St. Andrews Festival Organizers!
See you Next Year! 

The Blossom Blog Mainframe is Heating up just like our Highly Heated High Office Race. Billows of Backroom Black and Blue Smoke coming out... the excitement is Building! While we clear the smoke to Chartilize the Fun Factors let's take a look at some Big Beautiful Blossom Blog Beauties in and around Wooster Square to keep you glued to your device!

Hold on to your Hat and Head to Historic Wooster Square!

License to Love 
(you were thinking I'm a fanatic....)

It's Easy To Bee Happy in Historic Wooster Square

Wicked Warm Wooster Square Waits

This year I am amazed at the use our little Square of Humble Perfection for games and picnics!

Picky Pizza Pie Park Picnicers Prefer Pies Prepared Properly, Primarily in our Pretty Precious Perfect Patch, Wooster Square.

Be Gladiola you had a pie in the park!
(don't forget the cannoli!)

Wooster Square Pink Nation!
(we won't be impatiens if we don't see you soon)

Let's be Clear, Steer your Device Towards Square

Mornings Glorify 

Hang out with Old and New Buds

Pink Petunias Please Peeping People

Blossoms Busting Out

360 State's Cherry View of
Sweet Sakura Sunshine

Daisies Dream Daily

Square Serves up Several Super Smiling Sillies

Planters Pretty in Primo Places 
(Nice Job Alex!)

Court Street Colors

Phence Photo Phun

Did you know that Wooster Square is accessible from 
all points on earth? And if you can't make it to Wooster Square?

We can shrink wrap it and send it to you USPS!
(or just tune into the WSBB)

Large Local Eyes Tasty Surprise

Greene Streete Colors!

Color Explosions Daily

Ferocious Fun Flowers Fenced For Future Photos

Little White and Yellow Fond Fellows 

Sakura Soaking Sun, Stoking Super Square Shade

Set up a Pizza in the Park Party Please!

Plenty of Seating Available!

Election 2013

The Blossom Blog Mainframe has tabulated the results, narrowed down 4 distinct issues and the probability of winning the 
New Haven Mayoral Election supporting these important issues.

(click to enlarge)
In a completely unbiased and ruthlessly unreliable analysis, we found that Burying all the Utilities in and around Wooster Square is a very popular issue. We have a Beautiful Neighborhood with a Cajillion wires and poles around the Square. Cheryl would like to see the Lamp Posts that are throughout Hughes Place and Wooster Square should be around ALL of Wooster Square. Not a bad idea either! The Computer attaches an election probability of about 35% to this issue.

What if the day of Peak Poppadge (the date where over 70% of our World Famous Sakura Trees are in Bloom) were declared a Holiday in New Haven (it already is in Wooster Square)? Of course this would be a floating Holiday as it is an elusive date! Candidates supporting this issue have about a 60% chance of winning.

Never underestimate the Power Of Pizza! And what can be better than Free? Campaigns that focus on Delivering Delicious Pies Free to your home likens the Candidate to garner almost an 80% chance of Winning in November.

What about Property Taxes? Let's get rid of them! The Blossom Mainframe hit the nail on the head with this one. The next Mayor of New Haven has a 100% chance of winning just by doing away with those Silly twice a year annoyances. How easy is that! 

Good Luck New Haven Mayoral Candidates!

The New Haven Open

What a treat we New Haveners have coming in August, when the World of Tennis sets it sights on the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale. August 16 -24, many of the the Top Ten Women's Tennis Players swoop into town in a battle just the week before the US Open Tennis. This year features Marion Bartoli, her 10th year coming, who is fresh from winning Wimbledon! How sweet is that?!
We have Petra Kvitova returning to defend her crown as well as 4 time Winner, Caroline Wosniacki. 

Marion's unusual serve set up was the inspiration for my recent CAW show called Box Shots! 
Starting next week, Box Shots! will be on display at
New Haven Fitness! Check it out!
Come On!
Good Luck Marion!
Thanks for coming to New Haven for 10 years!

To Read All about the Tennis, click these links!

2012 New Haven Open Champion 
Petra Kvitiva

For More Information

Cheryl, Chyna, Zippy and myself will be at the Tennis everyday and everynight!
(I am told that Chyna and Zippy can't go).
((its a dogs life))

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See you at the Tennis


See You Round The Square!