Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wooster Square Wows Watchers With Square Ablaze

Historic Super Square Scintillatingly Shimmering Psychedelic, Stunning Senses Silly

You just can't beat this time of year. Period. Except maybe Opening Day for Major League Baseball in April.

...Course there is the Holiday Season, that's nice too. Fourth of July is pretty popping pleasing people. 

Some go goo goo ga ga over Birthdays, those are pretty cool too (until after age 21).

But Fall is a Season of Transition, from one extreme to the other. Hot to Cold. Days from l-o-n-g to short. Instead of outdoors activities, we huddle by fires, reading your favorite Voted number One Blossom Blog (Source:EricSnowden.com)with the smell of your favorite comfort foods wafting in from the kitchen on the air. 

Having your Sunday Gravy while reading the New Haven Register's Chip Malafronte's Sunday Gravy Column. (Chips column is a must read if you are a sports fan!) Kind of like a MasterCard moment. 

And there in no better place to be in Fall as in our Precious Pretty Patch of Humble Perfection in The Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square. 

The signs of Winter are hidden behind the daring deadly dazzling dizzy dance the leaves are doing, dropping daily. Like the Cherry Blossoms are the promise of warmer Wooster Square weather on the way.... the Free Fall Floral fun gives way to chillier temps.

Change... from Very Vivid Vistas to Frosty Frigidness Fine Fond Friends. Hot to Cold. Cold to Hot. Ying and Yang.

Life is cruel and kind

And even at the same time

It keeps its balance

(from:poems of the unordinary - Haiku)

The Blazingly Brilliant Beautiful Bounty of Floral Fall Foliage has my compact flash afire (that's digital film). So many photos they will transition us into the next post, which by the way, will be the post after this one. Really quite simple you know. Here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog, we aim to please. And according to this attributed as to what Nate Silver (sorry about the Tigers Nate) might say about this Fun Frolicky Photoblogumentary
    "You get the most Smileage at the
                Wooster Square Blossom Blog..."

Before we get to the Bevy of Fall Blossom Beauties, I thought we could highlight a couple of Notable newer Wooster Squarians who make a difference in Wooster Square, New Haven and beyond! 

So while the Blossom Mainframe gathers information from every available corner of the globe (Feedly, Google) let's take a spin around the Wonderful World of Wooster Square, the happiest place to live, work and visit....
and the number one place in the USA to eat Pizza.

Picture Park Pretty Perfect 
(Academy St looking north)

Blossom Buddies Bidding Byes

Sweet Sakura Shades Stupefy, Stimulate Senses
(Juvenile on Hughes Place that is
always the first to be in Peak Poppadge)

Fall Flurries, In Wooster Square No Worries

Hanami Rose

Court Street Satisfies Sight Seekers

Sakura Shining Sweetly

Christopher's Stands Through Time

Floating Colors Count

Daisies Delight Daily Delaying Dormancy

Hooray for the Green Yellow and Orange!

Lots seats still available! Bring Pizza!
Don't forget the cannoli!

Pink Nation!

Good till the last (first) Frost!

Fiery Fun For Free

Orange and Green Tunnel to Happiness
(Wooster Square)
(Hughes Place looking south to Park)

Changing but always Staying the Same 
in Our Sweet Sakura Square

Fall Fence Foto Fun

Purple People Pleaser still Popping

History Love Company

Last Lingerers Loved Lots

Blossom Buddies Last Few Days!

Wooster Square Wonder

Before the Blossom Mainframe spits out the good data (none bad in....), I wanted to tell you that if you have not been to the Yale Art Gallery since it's renovation, GO!!!

Cheryl and I went with friends from Creative Arts Workshop, Greg and Nina. The neat (that's a Michigan word) part?  It was a private tour of the Gallery with Jock Reynolds, the Director of the Yale Art Gallery himself. Jock also oversaw the recent renovation from soup to nuts. It was fascinating! 

But Oh How Art the Art Yale Has!
And it is FREE PEOPLE!!!

All Yale Art Galleries are Free!
They want you to come in often
Of course donations are welcome

They even give you a piece of art as a gift just for coming! (I am told there is no such gift... but if you have a Warhol or Picasso hanging on your wall, Jock wouldn't mind it as a gift!)

I took a few photos...

Awesome Architecture And Art

Face to Face Fun

Windows Wow World

Pre Blossom Blog Beauties

Art for All 

Perspective Pleasing Picture

Warm Willing and Waiting

Things that make you go,

Ying and Yang

Super Scenic Shots
(Yale University out the Window)

Putter, Ponder and Poke People

Your table is reserved
(New Haven Restaurant Week this week!)

See Shapes, Sizes and Surprises

Up on the Roof!
(Yale School of Architecture behind sculpture)

Thanks Jock Reynolds 
Yale Art Gallery!

Also thanks to Greg and Nina for inviting us,
They outbid us at the CAW Gala!

Two local and relatively newer Wooster Squarians have come up in the Blossom Blog Hightlight!

First up meet Alex Felson .Felson runs the Urban Ecology and Design Laboratory, or UEDLAB—at Yale University. Among other amazing things, he saved the lives of salamanders. How cool is that?

Next up, meet Steve Routman. Steve and his wife recently moved to our Sweet Sakura Square. Steve is an actor with a lead part in the Steve Martin play at Long Wharf, "The Underpants". Steve's wife, Hannah Lash is a renown composer who teaches at Yale. 
The cool part?
Steve rides his bike less than 5 minutes to get to work at one of the best local theaters in the America.

Thanks Alex and Steve!
Welcome to Wooster Square!

Fall is a great time to visit 
Historic Wooster Square

Make Tracks for Wooster Square!!

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See You Round the Square!