Saturday, November 23, 2013

Frosty & Flagrant Frigid Follows Fall in Friendly Famous Wooster Square

Hold the Horror, Honorable Hanamians 

Fantastic Fall Fades Fast

Our World Famous Sakura's delight us for about 7 months, before taking a Sensationally Sinfully Sweet Sakura Sleep for the next Piercing Polar Pentamerous Periods, Pre-Pink Nation. Fortunately Fine Folks, history here readily repeats. We should have our Historic Pink and White Fantastic Flowery Frenzy towards the end of April. The Blossom Blog Mainframe uses a complicated formula of history and weather (and a dart board) to come up with the dates for 2014 for Peak Poppadge as April 25 through April 29. Since the Blossom Blogs existence, it has a 100% accuracy of Picking our Perfect Pretty Precious Pink Peak People! 
(I take photos everyday so if you follow the blog you will always know how far along, or how far gone.)

Hanami History 

World Famous Wooster Square
New Haven, Connecticut

Year PoP! Peak Poppadge over
2009 April 17 * April 28
2010   April 4 * April 9
2011 April 19 April 26 May 4
2012 March 30    April 6                   April 11
2013 April 18      April 21 April 29
*Not available

Here is 2013's Blossom Blog
Pretty Pink Projection
(Click to enlarge)

And... Here are 2013's actual 
Hugely Happy Historic Hanami
(click to enlarge)

So While the Whole Wide World Waits for our Wooster Square Wonders to Wake, I will continue to keep you up to date on our Salient Super Sweet Sakura Square, Simultaneously Silly Sometimes, certainly.

Last week's post was overly wordy, according to my wife and creator of the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
the World's best Photoblogumentary on World Famous Historic Wooster Square. 

So a simple hunt for some local news and people of interest as we head off the chill, check out some photos in Wooster Square and New Haven from the last week.

Fabulous Fall Finishing Frostily Fast

Orange you glad you Love Wooster Square?

Maple Marvels, Muses Most, Moves Multitudes

Yellow Fellows Find Frost Frightening 

Fall Blossoms Bid Bye

Nice Numbing Number in Ninth Square

Real World Reflections

Bounded By Bibliotheque Baby
(Church and Elm)

Knights Crowning Achievement on Crown
Knights of Columbus Museum

Check it out, the Cost is Free 
and Parking Costs Free. 
Free Family Future Fun,
Pre Perfect Park Pizza Picnic Party People!

Fence Foto Fun Frames Famed 

Last Lovelies Delight Daily 

Tried & True Toy Poodle Tears Terrifyingly Trusting
Chyna Chasing Leaves

 One Thousand Words

Mornings Maple Makes Music

Blast of the Last Bold Beautiful Babies

Greene Streete 

Make Mornings More Memorable

 Wooster Square Rocks World

Future Fantastic Flowery Foto Fun!

While perusing the Cherry Blossom information necessary to the Blossom Blog Mainframe's important data base, I came across an interesting article about Cherry Tree Bark, which is made into little bowls, or caddies. The process is an ancient Samurai practice.

Speaking of ancient, have you seen the new Yale School of Management's Wizard of OZ-like new Headquarters going up on Whitney Ave?

To say the building is impressive is an underhanded understatement. Its Glorious Glass Gleams Glowingly.
But what is more cool is what is going on inside! They are installing artworks by Sol LeWitt.  Check out this video, "Jock Reynolds, director of the Yale University Art Gallery, and John Hogan, installation director and archivist at the Yale University Art Gallery, discuss the project in front of the artwork in process that will be formally unveiled at the opening of the new building in January." (Yale News)

                   Click here for video in the Yale News

Want Cheese?!?!

Former neighbor and Wooster Squarian 
Jason Sobocinski and his restaurant and 
Cheese Shop Caseus in New Haven 
just received more accolades! 

Food Republic just named Caseus as one of the top 10 fromageries in the United States People! 

Not only do we have the best pizza in the United States, we New Havener's know our cheese. If you love cheese, food and fun, then head to New Haven and Caseus!

Speaking of Food and Fun!

Gloria & Jacques Pepin 
Cheryl Szczarba and Bart Connors Szczarba

Cheryl and I dined at Briq in New Haven with 
Jacques Pepin and his wife Gloria 
(and Precious Pretty Pleasing Polite Poodle Paco!)

Jacques and Gloria donated their time, Cheryl and I donated some cabbage to the Taste of New Haven/No Kid Hungry and the fine friendly fond hosts of Briq donated their delicious food and service. 

Thanks Jacques and Gloria!

Thanks Briq Restaurant!

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Join us for the Tree Lighting
on December 6th at 5:30-7:00
Doughnuts and hot Cider Rules!

The Holiday Tree lighting is an annual event that kicks off the 
365 Days of Holiday here
in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

See you at the Tree Lighting

See You Round the Square!

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