Sunday, December 1, 2013

Warm Wooster Square Wishes for Wonderful Winsome Holidays

Sakura's Start Sweet Slumber

Holidays are busy times here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Many things to do from tree and Menorah lightings, holiday parties, shopping and lots of good food! The temperatures have turned seasonal (for Nome Alaska) and we are off to one of the shortest routes to Christmas from Thanksgiving you can get. 

In fact, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fell on the same day, making for some pretty tricky meals in some folks homes this Thanksgiving. That just means more food! The next time this will happen I am told is in 70,000 years. Quite exciting, unless you had to prepare a Turkey dinner and traditional Hanukkah dishes. 

Hanukkah means to dedicate.  On Hanukkah, the Jewish People regained control of Jerusalem and rededicated the Temple. It is a celebration, one that Americans got to celebrate along with our Trusty Traditional Timely Turkey Tirade. Pretty cool stuff!

The wicked wild winds along with a pretty good cold snap pretty much sent all our Fall Blossoms to the ground, lots of branches in the park too. Mother Nature pruning our Prominent Precious Pretty Park of Humble Perfection. While I have the Blossom Mainframe dig up some of the local news and events to pass on let's take a quick stroll around World Famous Historic Wooster Square...

 Leaves Left Lamp Lonely

And... we went from Peak Poppadge



Peak Poop-padge 


Future Fantastic Flowering Fireworks Fine Folks!

Pining for Clam Pie in World Famous Wooster Square!

Long Shadows in Bare Square

Perpetually Blooming Blossoming Tree...
No blossoms yet, but last December, we had a 
Happy Holiday Hanami

Cherry Tree Down Cuts Deep

Sakura Sadness
Your Blossoms Brought Many Smiles
Miles of Memories
(Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2013)

As luck would have it, my friend Jonathan Hopewell of Hopewell Woodworks was in for the Holiday. He scavenged a Hunk of Hanami Happiness to make me a bowl or something! Thanks Jonathan!

Cherries Last Stand
(DeLauro Family Table)

Blossoms To Be Baby!

Excitement Fills the Air

Wooster Square Waits
No 360 Ways about it!

Buds Abound, Bring Bountiful Beauty

Berry Happy in Cheery Historic Wooster Square!

Make Tracks For Wooster Square!
(Yes folks, that's ice!)
((not a Libby's Italian Ice!!))
(((don't forget the cannoli!!)))

Holy Bird Bait Batman!

Speaking of Batman, whose preference for precious perfect pie in Wooster Square was the Tasty Tomato Pie at Sally's...

On my way to New Haven Fitness, I noticed that Comcast gives out Free Pizza starting at 10:00. (I am told they do not give out free pizza, that is the time they open their doors. And if you have been, just getting in the door is the longer than for Pepe's on Parent's Weekend at Yale.)
The cool thing is that Comcast evidently is moving and developers are coming to the Wooster Square Watch meeting to tell us all about it. More apartments with retail could add more life, or Vista! on the corner that Wooster Squarian Andy Ross has led a campaign to keep neat and tidy. 

Speaking of Andy, he is responsible for working with the city for getting these festive wreaths for the Chapel Street Bridge to State Street.

Wreaths Warm Welcome to World Famous Wooster Square

Andy got donations from locals and business and the 
City of New Haven to pull it off.

Right around the corner at Olive and Court Street...

Old Glory Flies Over History...

Doonesbury's Wooster Square Roots For Sale
Gary Trudeau's Wooster Square Pad
(silly selfless self promotion)

Big events this week!

New Haven is having its tree lighting on Thursday,
December 5th. The celebration is from 4-8pm
on the lesser known, New Haven Green.

Here in Historic Wooster Square, our tree lighting is Friday and the fun starts at 5:30-7:00.

Come Join the 
Neighborly Family Fun Fine Folks!

Speaking of Neighborly and the Holidays 
and the local arts...

Cheryl (my wife and chief editor of the Wooster Square Blossom Blog) and Arlene Szczarba (mom) are one of the main sponsors of the
 Celebration of American Crafts
Holiday Sale 
Creative Arts Workshop

Found, Fellow Fine Foto Fellas
Chris Randall (half of I Love New Haven) 
and Bart Connors Szczarba (Wooster Square Blossom Blogger)
at the opening of the Celebration.
(courtesy CAW Facebook page, I hope!)

On Sunday, December 8
drop by 
Creative Arts Workshop
from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  Cheryl and Arlene put out a wine and nosh spread for all our friends, neighbors, customers and anyone who stops by!

Light nosh and wine to help you stay and
shop the two floors of wonderful crafts.

Want more?

There will be a Blue Grass Band playing!

Food, Fun, Neighbors and Local Art!

It Can't get better than that!

Please stop by and say hi!

See you Friday at the Holiday Tree Lighting and Festivities, Sunday or as always, 

See You Round the Square!!