Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Leaves Down, Excitement Growing Here in Historic World Famous Wooster Square!

Boundless Bounty of Beautiful Fall Blossoms

Despite most Contrarians, some Wooster Squarians, and a handful of Rastafarians, who, thought that due to the dry weather, this Years Fall Foliage would Fumble at the goal line... miss the OT chip shot field goal to win the game... and for you golfers... missed a gimme.

Hey, but so what? We got colors up the Wicked Wild Wazoo here in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square. Really intense, titillating tincture, totally. So many photos, I needed to let the Blossom Blog Mainframe time to digest, cool off... see a movie.. The Mainframe was hot on the trail of a Pertinent Pair of Park People, Pre-Peak Poppadge.

One you may know: General David Wooster
(not personally)
((not even practically the Founder of Wooster Square,
Luisa DeLauro.  Luisa turns 100 Christmas Eve!
Thanks Luisa (Rosa DeLauro's Mom) for all you have done for this 
Salient Super Sweet Sakura Square, and all you keep doing!))

DeLauro Family Table, Wooster Square November 2013
(Perfect Place for Pizza Pie Park Picnicking, People!)

The other less known...

Who in the Hockey Sticks is this DeLauzun?
And why in the Helena Montana 
didn't they put him up at the Omni?

It's a Big Blossom Blog Bugger Nail Biting Blunder. (Nod to UK readers) How can we walk around our Sweet Sakura Square, see this sign, and not know who he is or what he did? This de Lauzun guy isn't someone who you can just ask your serious supposedly super smart siri or droid your google, nope.

This one takes real many, many mad mouse maneuvers, moving maniacally, man... and all the Blossom Mainframe Memory...
So while it searches for answers...and I put the mouse to the pad...

Let's Make Mindfulness,
 Much More Meaningful, Moving, 
Marching Magically 
aMongst the Square's Majesty....
(look at some photos)

Listen to "Life is Grand in Wooster Square" 
(on Cape Cod)
by Silvard, someone that peaked my piano playing.
This is an amazing arrangement by a young man on 
youtube, Travis Baur...

click here for to chill and relax, enjoy the photos if your device can't read

Photos contain extreme Sakura Square Sweetness
Breathe normally,
take necessary medications, 
when in doubt,
...Ask your Doctor... 
if you are healthy enough for extreme visual
 Wooster Square Wonders.

Star Trek Treats!
Boldly Blooming where no Blossoms will Bloom

Blindingly Bold & Beautiful

Many Magic Moments

Warm Colors, Chilly Temps!

Politically Correct Pumpkins
(Since no knives are involved, after Halloween,
they are released back into farmers fields to live out their gourd given lives as part of the Gourd and Release program) 

Welcome to Wooster Square

Memorable Mornings

 Court Street Colors

Last Blossom Buddy we followed for 2013

New Haven History Hits Home

Wooster Square's Proud Heritage

Leaves last stand

Fall Fence Foto Fun

Wet Weather Was Weighty

Holy Halcyon Habitat!

Lovely Lamps Lining Luscious Leaves

Square Sees Some Sensational Season

  Speaking of Sensational Seasons!
What a Baseball Season!

Congratulations Boston Red Sox!
Wooster Square Stands Boston Strong!

Watch out for My Detroit Tigers Next Year!

Comerica Park, Detroit Michigan
(Tiger shown made right here in New Haven)

Now Detroit has a Super Superior 
Honorary Wooster Squarion as their Manager!!!!!

Congratulations New Haven Born and raised (Cheshire) Brad Ausmus!!

Click here to read about Brad in Wiki 

Click here for all Brad's complete baseball states

Congratulations Brad, Go Tigers!

(Pepe's or Sally's Brad?)

Back to World Famous Historic Wooster Square!

Floating Foliage Fence Foto Fun

Lamptastic Looking Leaves

Loading... Loading... Loading...
(Columbus still has the iworld 1s)

And... see you next year...

Blossom Buddies Bust,
But Being Born By and By

Let's Reminisce!!

April 9, 2013

April 11, 2013

April 17, 2013

September 30, 2013

November 1, 2013

even an old man
has New Year's eyes...
cherry blossoms
( written 1823)

Washington DC announces
their Peak Poppadge Dates!

March 20 - April 13, 2014

Read here in article from ABC news in DC

As Calculated by the Blossom Mainframe
in an earlier post...

Click here to read post about predicting 2014 Peak Poppadge

Our Historic Hanami Hysteria in 
Wooster Square will be
April 25 - 29, 2014

Wooster Square's Cherry Blossom Festival falls on Sunday, April 27.

More Important News!!

Wooster Square's Holiday 
Tree Lighting will be on
December 6, 5:30-7:00.

This is an annual tradition that celebrates the beginning of the 365 days of Holidays Here in Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square! This one has a few new twists!!!
(maybe warmth for once!)

This year Peter Webster informs me that their will be luminaries, and local high school bands and singers.. All are invited and it costs FREE!

Seems that after Halloween, 360 State Street is Celebrating early this year...

 360 Steps to Tree Lighting

The Mainframe has really rested, 
rocked and now rolls...

Back to our Generous General 
Wooster and De Lauzun (?)...

General Wooster 

According to wikipedia, General Wooster was born in Stratford Connecticut in 1711, province of Connecticut, England. 

What is really cool is he went to Yale College and graduated in 1738. While at Yale he invented the Frisbee!! (I am told the frisbee was invented at Yale much later). And well, if you are going to Yale College why not date Yale's President's daughter and then marry her! You can hear the applause... Yale President Thomas Clapp gave his daughter's hand, Marie Clapp, to David Wooster himself. 

General Wooster was in charge of New Haven's militia during the revolutionary war

Wooster Squarian Benedict Arnold lived on Water Street and wanted to join but Daring David Wooster was no dummy & didn't want to give him key to the munitions dump. Wooster caved...we all make mistakes. 
And there was almost a court martial about General Wooster's handling of his Quebec tenure, but he was eventually cleared. 

Wooster was made Major General of the Connecticut Militias, sent to save New York City from British Invasion. 

 Later he was Connecticut's first Major General.

He died in a battle in Danbury by a British raid.
as he lay dying he was quoted as saying...

  "I am dying, but with a strong hope and persuasion that my country will gain her independence."

In 1777, Congress voted a suitable monument be erected for this hero and his grave was located not far from where he fell. General Wooster is buried in the Wooster Cemetery on Mount Moriah, in Danbury, Connecticut. The 30 foot Monument is impressive and on my list of places to visit!

Click here for Wooster Cemetery's Organization website

 "Of his country Wooster said, 'my life has ever been devoted to her services from my youth up, though never before in a cause like this—a cause for which I would most cheerfully risk and lay down my life'." (wiki)

         click here to Wiki Wooster Will ya?


aka Arman Louis de Gontaut

The tricky thing about this duc de Lauzun fella is that duc de Lauzun is more of a title than that of a name. More of a nickname for Arman Louse de Gontaut. Think... Yo Duke! Lots shorter, easier to say and everyone knew who they were talking about (way before John Wayne).

So de Lauzun being more of a rank, much like what it later became di biron. Or the Baron. Wiki says:

"The title of Duc de Lauzun was a French peerage created in 1692 for Antoine Nompar de Caumont under influence of Mary of Modena. All dukes were marshals of France or renowned generals."

These de Lauzun are the forefathers of the French Foreign Legion.

The real clue is on our Wooster Square historical marker itself. It marks the Rochambeau Route, the General sent by the king of France to hook up with Washington to then try and reason with the British into surrender. But politics was just as crazy back then so they had to slug it out. Rochambeau landed near Newport Road Island. The Washington-Rochambeau Route is a famous one.

Aha! That's were we find our other French Marshall, de Lauzun
aka Arman Louis de Gontaut. The Duke landed in Stratford where he boarded Metro North to Union Station in New Haven. ( I am told they marched). His army was to protect Washington and Rochambeau from attack from the south, which they scouted and stayed (wiki):

 "The advance party was led by Armand Louis de Gontaut or Duc de Lauzun. Lauzun's Legion marched ahead of the main army and stayed ten to fifteen miles (24 km) to the south protecting the exposed flank from the British" 

So duc de Lauzun camped all around New Haven County, helping to save our Super Special Precious Patch of Humble Perfection.

And he returned to France a National Hero. 

The United States named a warship after him in 1782,
              The USS Duc de Lauzun

The sad part for Arman Louis de Gontaut was that he in charge of the French Revolutionary Revolution when he lost grip on his command. He quit after criticism from peers but should have kept his head...(wiki) he was charged by..

  "the notorious Jean-Baptiste Carrier of incivisme ("lack of civic virtue", the equivalent of treason under the Reign of Terror)" 

Our poor Duke was guillotined. Just for good measure they tried his wife and executed her as well. 

However, we do owe our thanks to these brave men
who gave their lives for the very ground we walk.

Thanks General David Wooster!

Thanks Arman Louis de Gontaut!
(de Lauzun!)

Hope you are enjoying these crisp fall days.
Stop By the Square for a Hot Pie or 
your favorite Chicken Parm...

See you at the Tree Lighting

See You Round the Square!!