Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wonderful, White, Wooster Square Winds Full Circle

Wooster Wonder Winterland

When one says Seasonal they mean pertaining to, dependent on, or accompanying the seasons of the year or some particular season ( But don't you hate definitions that have the word being defined, in the definition? Definitely, Duh!   

So this season for you might pertain to the Holidays, the Year coming to a close, or as to the type of weather we are having. So in a nutshell, everything is turning up Super Sweet Sakura Sensationally Seasonal here in the Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square!

Seasonal Weather? Sure, seasonal to make our Historic World Famous Wooster Square to look like a picture postcard. So it FEELS and LOOKS like the Holidays.

Ice Dreams

The weather has been downright Freakishly Frosty Frigid, Friggin Freekin Freezing, Fine Fellow Flower Following Friends!

Seasons ending and seasons beginning. The year 2013 draws to a close, long cold shadows cover the Square in the early afternoon, sun sets before 4:30. 

It makes you want to eat a good Hot Apizza! 
Don't forget the Cannoli!

The Wooster Square Blossom Blog, the world's best photoblogumentary, is the number one cheerleader for grabbing your Precious Perfect Park Picnic Pizza Pie People. But the past couple Sundays, I noticed some hardcores. About 2 pm, I noticed a couple walking through the park with their perfect pie from Pepe's . Just when I think they are exiting the park, they find a bench and open the pie and the feeding begins. It was 52 degrees but the warm smiles between this cute couple made for a perfect date. (Upon completing the feast, the gentleman so overcome with emotion of having the Pepe's Clam Pie, voted #1 in the country, he got down on one knee and proposed.)
((or he was picking up a napkin...)

Not to be outdone, last Sunday was just plain cold. Temps just hitting 40. Same scene, different couple. Here I am thinking they are rushing home to eat, then they plop on a bench and enjoy piping hot pies, warmed only by their Pepe's Clam Pie. BRRRRR...MMMMM!

Warm Welcoming Wooster Square your Blossom Blog,

They are like your coffee maker beeping ready at the same time the Sunday paper hits your Stoop.

Makes you feel 
Warm and Blossomy all Over!

While you warm up your car, put on your long johns and head to Wooster Square, let's take a look at some photos leading up to Sunday's Iceman Cometh!

Snow Showers Surprise, Scare Some

Buds Bundled, Biding Before Budding

Foto Flurries Fabulous Fun

Holy Wicked White Wonderland

Peaceful Painted Pretty Picture

Then the real storm hit our Perfect Precious Patch of Humble Perfection, Saturday night to Sunday morning.

The Light Little Lofty Snow turned into an 
ice storm by Sunday morning!

Cold Comparison

Family Fun

Wonderful Wicked White Winning 
Wooster Square Wows World

Frozen Fence Foto Fun Fine Folks

Cheery Chilly Cherry Chums

Wooster Square Wonders,
Why are you Waiting?

Our Blossom Buddies
On Ice until April 2014!

Lamps Light's Lovingly Lit

Extreme Ice Tunnel To Happiness
(Hughes Place looking towards square)
((formerly Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness))

Reflecting Drip
(see St Michael's upside down
in the drip...)

St Michael's, good to the last drop!

Inverted Falling Drops with St. Michael's

or this one...

Amazing Grace Good Golly!

Everything is just better in Wooster Square!

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Easy, Dependable, Enjoyable

Next post is the Year in Pictures!

See you Round the Square!!

Happy Holidays!