Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Sweeps Square, Calefaction Casually Coming!

Historic Famous Wooster Square's Bountiful, Beautiful Blossoms Beginning, Budding 

Ah, the smell of spring in the air. Here in New Haven, in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square, spring is a special time. Our Sweet Sakura Square Supremely Satisfies Scores, Sometimes Sensationally!

Alluring Arch Awes All

Excitement building not only here in Wooster Square, but around the 
Cherry Blossom world! Japan's blooming trek across 
the Island has begun! 
The sake is flowing!

You don't like Sake? 
Then head over to McDonald's in Japan
for a
MC 4
Sakura Savvy Sumptuous Sippers
(and you thought we were Blossom
Blogging Borderline Bonkers!)
(photo courtesy McDonalds)

Something with a little caffeine?

No Java Jive!
(photo courtesy Starbucks)

You want a Cherry Cocktail with a little more kick?

Cherry Blossom Tini
(Photo Courtesy: © Gekkeikan Sake)

Read how to mix your Blossom Tini in

Cherry Blossom Cocktail
(photo credit Brian Oh)

Read about the Cherry Blossom Cocktail in People

While much of the US sizzled, we here New England had one of the coldest years in 30 plus years. And it just wasn't the snow. It was the blistering cold that lasted all winter. Even our "Snowmeggeddon" a few years back, just didn't have the sustained super surreal severe shivery status.

What effect will all this cold and snow have on our World Famous Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms?

Will they be late?

Will they even bloom?

Before you all go into a 
Horrendous Horrible Hanami Hissy fit, 
Yes Virginia, there will be Cherry Blossoms!

All week Washington DC has been wondering these 
same questions. In fact, in my direct "Blossom Line"
the the National Park service, I have found out some additional information to put your hearts and minds at ease. 

So while I gather up all the bonified blossom business in the Blog Mainframe (and some Pertinent Pizza News), buckle up for some photos
of our Super Sweet Sakura Square!

Bare Square 

Our "Blossom Buddies"
These blossoms we will follow throughout
the Blossoming and all year!

(I'd say we have a way to go!)

Alien Lifeforms
(since last fall!)

Future Pink and White Tunnel To Happiness
(Hughes Place South ends at Wooster Square Park)

Buds Busy Bonding

Historic Wooster Square Waits

View From Blossom Blog Perch
(just a hint of pink)

Tippy Tops Treat

This Bud's for You!

Columbus Clear, Consulting Contraption

Plenty of Seating Available!

Buds Beginning on Hughes Place

Excitement is Building!

Future Fireworks Flower Fun!

Park Buds usually a few days behind Hughes Place

Not much green in these tips

Hughes Place North
Soon to Be Pink and White with Delight!

Just when you think it can't get more exciting here in Wooster Square and New Haven, we have our snowbirds arriving. No, not the folks that abandon our Super Square of Humble Perfection (nobody does that anyway!) for Florida, but our Eagle pair! Last year, our Eagles, aptly named Pepe and Sally nested right on the New Haven line. One day Cheryl came home and said she saw one flying.

I grabbed my camera, tripod and we went to see.
I have a thing for birds, bees and blossoms!

Pepe Proudly Puts New Haven Roots
(I believe this is year #3 for this pair)

Sally Barking orders on the changing of the Nest.
We saw both, we assume they have eggs.
(notice the band)

So, did the cold and snow of the Northeast, particularly Wooster Square and Washington DC, have any effect on our 
Precious Pink and White Pretties?

Heck No!

But Washington pushed out it's peak dates:
From April 8-12
April 11-15

We are sticking with the April 24-29
with peak poppadge on Sunday,
April 27th. Which happens to be the day of the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Speaking of Pizza!

Primo Pies People

Sally's is not heading to Boston, but Pepe's is!

People in New Haven know we have the 
best pizza in the United States....

Here is a guide to explaining New Haven Style 
Pizza in the

The Eater also had an interesting article about New Haven's Modern Apizza, frequently voted New Haven's favorite. Owner
Bill Pustari has taken New Haven Pizza across the county!

Modern has locations out west and all over the place!

They sell their apizza at Safeco Field in Seattle!
(Safeco Field is voted #1 for Craft beers in baseball too)

How cool is that?

New Haven in Seattle.

Thanks Bill!

While you think Pink, read the articles on the Pizza 
and come to Wooster Square to see how our Cherry Blossoms are coming, grab a pie! 

As always, stay tuned to the Wooster Square Blossom Blog
to know exactly when our precious pink pretties pop people!

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See you at Modern


See You Round the Square!