Monday, March 17, 2014

Despite Chill, High Hopes Honorable Hanamians

Washington D.C. National Park Service and 
The Wooster Square Blossom Blog Announce 
Peak Poppadge Dates for 2014!!

The end is near! Of winter that is. And what can we say? Since this is a family blog, let's just say to winter... good riddance, hasta la vista, its been real & been nice but it hasn't been real nice, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you, see ya- wouldn't want to be ya, winter- really its not you... its me, don't call us, we'll call you.... 

The Blossom Blog Mainframe, in collaboration with Google, the NSA, Eric Snowden, IBM's Watson, and more importantly... flipping quarters 5 out of 7, help to determine when our Historic World Famous Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms will Peak. 

We use history, weather, mathematics, photography, snacks and sometimes smelling salts. Following our Big Bright Beautiful Blossoms can make you hungry and downright dauntingly disturbingly daffy dizzy!  

That being said, and based on my budget ($0.00) and that of my counterparts in Washington (2,000,000,000+), it would seem they would crush me in our Blossomations. (estimates of when our blossoms will be at peak). 

Sound complicated? Not really, all you have to do is hold your device and scroll. Let us crunch all the numbers while you crunch on a Cheryl's special pie from Wooster Street's Abate's (pepperoni and garlic well done).

The Blossom Blogs patented formula that has been 100% accurate ( has 
attracted the attention of a

Mr. James Perry 
Chief, Resource Management
National Mall and Memorial Parks
National Parks Service

Mr. Perry and I exchanged trade secrets and agreed to collaborate on our prospective precious pretty perfect park pink Cherry Blossom Prediction.

While I gather the information we shared, 
and what I can Blossomate from the data, 
why don't we take a look around Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square to see what is budding!

Fact: Every day is a Holiday in Wooster Square!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks Mr. Perry and the National Park Service!

Colorful Cute Crocuses Cuddle

Pretty Pre-Pink Nation!

World Wondering, Watching Wooster Square
(buds still sleeping in Lenzi Park)

Melting snow means pizza pie park picnics people, please!

Lamp looking longingly, lovingly for life

Blooming soon to a device near you!

On my way back to Hanami Headquarters, look what 
I found sitting in one of our Sweet Square Sakuras!

One legged Wooster Square Wonder?

Run Chyna and Roxie!

"Rockette Wooster Square"
(we had her fixed...corny cone head)

"Chyna" unimpressed
(not gunna go grey over it...)

Yellow Fenced Fellows

Budding...promising, beginning...

Sweet Sun Seekers Swoon

Winter Draws to its bitter end

Waiting, Wondering 
Pink and Whites soon to Delight
Sing Sweet Sakuras
(Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2014)

Party Popping People Pleasers

Residents brought to Teardrops,
Woeful Winter Weeping Wrought

Spring is just days away!

But what about our Super Square Sakura's?
What information was shared to me by the MAN in Charge of Blossomating the Tidal Basin Cherry Trees, Mr. James Perry?

It's all in the tips...

 No Green Visible on these buds...

The National Park Service released a chart of 6 different stages these beautiful buds bust blossom buddies. And, the last ten year history in Washington!

YearGreen BudsFlorets VisibleExtension of FloretsPeduncle ElongationPuffy WhitePeak Bloom
2013Mar 11Mar 17Mar 26Mar 31Apr 4Apr 9
2012Feb 29Mar 8Mar 12Mar 14Mar 15Mar 20
2011Feb 28Mar 9Mar 16Mar 19Mar 22Mar 29
2010Mar 14Mar 19Mar 21Mar 23Mar 26Mar31
2009Mar 3Mar 12Mar 18Mar 23Mar 27Apr 1
2008Feb 19Mar 11Mar 17Mar 18Mar 24Mar 26
2007Mar 5Mar 20Mar 25Mar 27Mar 28Apr 1
2006Feb 28Mar 13Mar 14Mar 16Mar 22Mar 30
2005Mar 7Mar 22Mar 31Apr 3Apr 4Apr 9
2004Mar 4Mar 12Mar 15Mar 22Mar 27Mar 31
(source:National Park Service)

Click here for the National Park Service and Cool Blossom Info

Washington DC predicts their Cherry Trees 
(minus the one George tragically chopped but quickly fessed.)
 will peak:

April 8 through April 12

You see, when the tips start to turn green, that is when the Ballistic Blossoms Begin Blooming, we wait with baited breath.

Blossom Mathematics 

Lets look at the chart we have kept here at Blossom Headquarters for the past 5 years...

Hanami History
World Famous Wooster Square
New Haven, Connecticut

Peak Poppadge
April 17
April 28
April 4
April 9
April 19
April 26
May 4
March 30
April 6
April 11
April 18
April 21
April 29

I can draw the following from comparing the two charts,
how many days our peak has been since theirs, because its warmer down there.... for those without cable or internet. 

In 2011 our Peak was 28 days past Washington's

In 2012 our Peak was 17 days past Washington's 

And in 2013 our Peak was 12 days past Washington.

What does this all mean? 
Who knows, really. 

The Blossom Blog Predicts our 
World Famous Wooster Square
Peak will be 

April 24 through April 29

So this years prediction is 17 past their peak.

I like that thought.

I see green creeping in!

The fuse it lit, flower fanatics finally!

See you April 27th at 
Wooster Square's Cherry Blosssom Festival!
Peak Day***
(assuming they cooperate, 
but we still party like its 199blossomtime!)

Don't forget my show runs though
Friday March 21 at Creative Arts Workshop!

See you at CAW


(Fence Foto Fun)


See You Round the Square!