Sunday, April 6, 2014

Letterman Top Ten Tribute: 10 Totally Tantalizing Tempting Treats in Wooster Square's Treasure Trove

All Eyes on Historic Wooster Square

We wait. We heard it was spring...still suffer from the hour of sleep we lost...still put on winter coats and boots... 

Surprise Snow Slaps Sanguine Sakura Searchers Silly

We wait. 

But we are oh so close to when our Wonderful World of Wooster Square becomes the center of Worldwide Hanami Hysteria. Thousands make their way to Wooster Square to see our Super Square Surrounded by Beautiful Big Bright Blossoms. 

The blooming process is an exciting process to watch. Funny thing is, all you have to do is stay tuned to the world's #1 Photoblogumentary, the Wooster Square Blossom Blog. 

The closer we get, the more photos I will take and post more often, daily soon. So grab your dandy dependable doo dad device and do digitize directions! After this winter, we await those Fleetingly Fickle Fun Flowers.  

In Tokyo Japan, they are in the midst of their Peak Poppadge, picnicking sans pizza park people! 
(Certainly sucking sweet succulent 
savory sakura sake)

Sadly, once again, Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms are about as reliable as the House of Representatives agreeing on the time of day.

Click here for real Washington DC entertainment! Live Earthcam of the DC tidal basin!

How good are we at telling you when our 
Salient Sakura Square Cherry Blossoms 
bountifully bust?

Why 100%!

In fact a study was authorized by the Obama Administration and funded by the WSBB (Wooster Square Blossom Blog), to rate "Predictiveness" 
(ie, cherry blossoms peaking, droughts, elections, sporting name it).

The Results of the Study are not too startling

Click on chart to enlarge

Even this morning on the news, I saw Washington DC's Cherry Blossoms and how far along they are.
But no cigar... 
DC is about 10 days to peak.

Meaning if ours peak 17 days after that,
Wooster Square would peak in early May...

Stay Tuned not to miss a beat! 

In honor of David Letterman announcing his retirement, I have Bit-Coin Mined the Blossom Blog Mainframe for 10 of David's favorite things to do in the Wonderful World of Wooster Square!

So While I gather that all up, why don't we take a spin around our little slice of shangri-la sakura sweetness!

Wild start to week, Huge fun flakes!

Isn't this Baseball season?

Say it ain't Snow!

Soon to Be White AND Pink!

Warm Temps, Temps Blossoms

Signs of New Beginnings Budding

We Wait Wishing for Warmth!

Makes mindfulness meaningful

First Found Fine Fun Flowers Flourishing

Reach for the stars in Wooster Square
(then get a pizza!)

Wild White Wowers

Art Deco on Olive
(no longer in business, part of the Smoothie apartments..
guess business was dead...)

Prehistoric Victoria Secret
(part of the Smoothie Building)

Sunny Days are here again!
(now how about some heat?)

Puny Purple People Pleaser

March of the Lillies

Grate Flowers

Don't Worry, Bee Happy
(the buzz is Wooster Square Rocks!)

Tune up Time Tireless Toadies!

Court Street's Cool

Academy Street North

Park Pre Popping People!

Endangered Species

Step one! Green tips!

This is a juvenile tree on Hughes Place. Hughes Place Pops a few days earlier than the park. 
Once the "floret" is visible, they are 16-21 days
until Peak Poppadge.

We have a ways to go Fine Flower Folks!
But what a ride it will be!
Hang on!

Hughes Place Blossom Buddies

David Letterman's 

Wooster Square Top 10!


#10. Coffee at Fuel
#9.   Wooster Square Exhibit at
         New Haven Musuem
#8.   Shopping at Ferraro's Meat Market
#7.   Everything at Lucibello's Pastry
#6.   Wooster Square Farmer's Market
#5.    Italian Ice at Libby's
#4.    "John Dory" sea bass- Adriana's
#3.   Picnics on Wooster Square
#2.   Pepe's Clam Pie
and ladies and gentlemen, my number #1 reason for heading to World Famous Historic Wooster Square is...

#1.  The Wooster Square Cherry 
        Blossom Festival!

Sunday: April 27, Noon to 5!

Thanks Dave!

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See you Round the Square!