Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Countdown to our Humungous Historic Heart Hammering Hanami Happiness Here in Historic Wooster Square!

Sharpen your Pencils, Precious Pink Pursuing People! Time for some...

"Blossom Mathematics"

The proverbial clock is ticking for Historic Wooster Square's Cherry Blossoms. Spring arrived and we were once again stepped on by C"old" man winter on his way out. Another 6 inches of snow. But it has been a bit warmer and snow has melted. 

Happy Spring 2015
A snowy first day!

The sun is higher in the sky and the days are longer.
You can't keep a good blossom down! Our annual Pink and White delights will soon bring swoons.

Of course, the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival will top off the celebration! This years date is Sunday, April 26th from noon to 5pm. 

Lot's of fun, arts, food, music and history.

But let's take a look at the process of our Blossomation,(estimate of when the blossoms will be peaking) and my connections to the 
National Park Service 
(important for coordinating confidential, complicated, coldly calculating, calmly questing critically crucial blossom research)
and how we are spot on 
 every year the blog has been published.

I have a 100% accuracy in predicting and reporting when the blossoms will pop, peak and peter out people!** So all you have to do is curl up with your favorite device and follow along. And if you are close enough to come when they are peaking, you'll know exactly when to get in your car and head to World Famous Wooster Square!

**I take pictures and post them almost everyday from start to finish
so if you follow the blog, you won't miss the peak.

 So while I get out the jumper cables to start up the blog mainframe (it was 9 degrees this morning in the Square), take a look around the Square! We can at least enjoy spring, maybe if just in name only!

You can see individual snowflakes
on our bountiful bound up buds!

And then Saturday, the first day of spring we
had some HUGE FLAKES! Look at the blob
on the left below and see the size of that flake(s)!!

White Bombs Blast our Beautiful Buds

Not much pink showing yet...

Lots of blue sky

Nuts, blossoms seem to take forever!

Future Foliage Foto Fun!

Park's perfect of pizza pie picnics

Soft Fuzzies turn into huge Flowers

Still a hint of winter in the air
and on the ground!

Wooster Street Wows Whole Wide World!

Morning melting

History for Sale
#5 Apizza in the country
(a fortune in the making)

How do we predict when our Sweet Sakura's Shine?
Fortunately, the National Park Service's main
Blossom Math guru, Michael Stachowicz, and his staff have a great website, and we share data.
It's an important job Michael has, but they do
have a budget of 2.5 Billion.

Here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog,
the annual budget is zip zero, zilch, nada.

Click here for EVERYTHING cherry blossom in Washington DC

Michael predicts Washington's famed Cherry Blossoms will be peaking between April 4 - 11.

If you check out the chart below, you can see the dates of the last ten years for their Blossoming
in the famed tidal basin. 

YearGreen BudsFlorets VisibleExtension of FloretsPeduncle ElongationPuffy WhitePeak Bloom
2014Mar 16Mar 23Mar 31Apr 4Apr 7Apr 10
2013Mar 11Mar 17Mar 26Mar 31Apr 4Apr 9
2012Feb 29Mar 8Mar 12Mar 14Mar 15Mar 20
2011Feb 28Mar 9Mar 16Mar 19Mar 22Mar 29
2010Mar 14Mar 19Mar 21Mar 23Mar 26Mar 31
2009Mar 3Mar 12Mar 18Mar 23Mar 27Apr 1
2008Feb 19Mar 11Mar 17Mar 18Mar 24Mar 26
2007Mar 5Mar 20Mar 25Mar 27Mar 28Apr 1
2006Feb 28Mar 13Mar 14Mar 16Mar 22Mar 30
2005Mar 7Mar 22Mar 31Apr 3Apr 4Apr 9
2004Mar 4Mar 12Mar 15Mar 22Mar 27Mar 31

Cross referencing Wooster Square's Peak Poppadge
dates, the Blossom Mainframe then churns out 
the dates to come to Wooster Square for
Hanami Happiness.

Normally, Wooster Square's Blossoms are
15.5 days behind Washington, DC. This will 
put us right on track for our 
April 26 date for Peak here on Hughes Place.

Wooster Square Park is a few days behind.

Monday March 23, 2015

You can see that there is just a hint
of green showing on these buds on Hughes
Place. In Wooster Square some are tighter than
your skinny jeans....waiting for more warmth
and more and more sun!

Compare the above to March 15, 2014 last year.

Last years peak was the 29th...

We are on pace for a late
April Peak Poppadge for 
Historic Wooster Square.

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Make tracks to Wooster Square!

Next up!

Washington DC Tidal Basin
Wooster Square,
New Haven Connecticut
Cherry Blossom Smackdown II!!

See You Round the Square!!