Saturday, April 4, 2015

National Cherry Blossom Take Down!

Washington DC Tidal Basin 
Wooster Square, 
New Haven, Connecticut!

Cherry Blossom Challenge!

Let's go to the tale of the tape!

Where?Washington DCWooster Square
Known For:Nation's CapitolNational Landmark Historic Park, First Planned United States City, The Amistad Trial
Residents CalledWashingtoniansWooster Squarians
Past industryTobacco, WheatCorsets, Clocks, Firearms
StatuesLincoln MemorialChristopher Columbus
Super Single City? (kiplingers)Not in the top 10, avg age 33#4 in the USA for singles, avg age 29
War HerosBenjamin O. Davis, Sr.Jean-Baptisite Donatien de Vimiur, comte de Rocheambeau
USA's first African American General, (1877–1970)Camped near Wooster Square, this French General helped Washington in the Revolution
Notable address1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (White house)157 Wooster Street (Frank Pepe's Apizza)
Iconic BrandsUS Capital, Smithsonian, The White HousePepe's Pizza, Yale University, Winchester Fire Arms
Foodie Cities ( in the Country!
Famous LiarsRichard NixonBenedict Arnold
Former Resident'sHoward Taft, Goldie Hawn, Stephen ColbertHoward Taft, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti, Hillary Clinton (city of New Haven)
Nationally hailed librariesLibrary of CongressBeineke Library
Notable FirstsFirst and only US District, not in a state.Frisbee, Telephone Exchange, Lollipops, and Erector sets
National Historic CemetariesArlingtonGrove Street Cemetary
One Nite Stay at Omni HotelApril 11 to 15 (peak) Cherry Blossom Package $480April 26-31 (peak) $143.65 if paid when booked, best rate $169 (No Blossom Pkg)
Peak Poppadge AuthorityNational Park Service, Michael StachowiczWooster Square Blossom Blog, Cheryl and Bart Connors Szczarba

The Winner?

Cherry Blossom Lovers!


Ring Ring. Ring Ring.



Is this Mother Nature?

Yes, speaking.

Well it's Wooster Square.



(That's what you used to do with a phone.
Remember? Before you starting looking
at your delerious desired devices!)

Ok, I got that out of my system. I have breaking news from the National Park Service... changing peak dates to April 11-14 (from 4-11).

click here to read about the National Cherry Blossoms

We are still sticking with our initial prediction
here at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog of
April 26-30.

Yes, it's still cold, but we have reached the 50's
here in the Wonderful World of Historic, Famous
Wooster Square, home to our own
Sweet Sakura Square

We are now seeing crocuses in bloom
and daffodils outpacing the slower
bigger tantalizing tulips.

Let's Look!

Just some green creeping in on Hughes Place

Academy Street North

Finally some signs of spring

Need some more warmth to
produce our pink and white pretties

Buds of a different color

Slow starting but will finish with bang!

Peace Buds
(from inside Blossom Central)

Tufted titmouse leaves snacks inside this
dying Sakura tree.

April 4, 2015
No green in sight for these white delights
in front of St. Mike's.

Daffodils finally appearing

Iris Crocusis

Pretty Purple People Pleaser

Court Street Colors
(these turn into big pink flowers)

Crowd Pleasers

 Tiny dreams
(you can see the tulips just poking up)

Blossom Tunnel juuuussst turning pink
as the buds are getting plumper

Believe me, it's worth the wait!

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Historic Pink Nation!

Everyday is a Holiday in
Wooster Square!

Swing by, bring your favorite pie!

History Love Company!

See You Round the Square!