Friday, April 10, 2015

Chilly Temps Stall our Scenic Sakura Square's Sweet Surprise!

Budding Excitement Builds as Cherry Blossoms Stir to Life!

Chilly is an understatement. We are starved for some temperatures north of 60 degrees. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. At least the snow and most piles are gone.  So much more easy to walk and enjoy the confines of Historic, World Famous Wooster Square. Yes, we can walk again, among dodging raindrops and finally seeing some color poke out from under leaves and gardens.

And that's just what you are seeing. Activity besides snow removal and dogs doing their duties. A chance to catch up with neighbors, new and old. You see, Wooster Square is a real neighborhood with real people, not just a Historic Park on a map.

Wooster Square is a close neighborhood where people have chosen to live, work and yes, retire here. The Square is richly diverse of people from all walks of life. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick well as the student, Chef, Surgeon, Musician, actor, artist and composer. 

Sadly, we lost 3 Wooster Squarians in the last year.

Each blossom brings happiness,
Blooming, Blooming, Gone
Love as each day were your last.
Bart and Cheryl's Haiku 2015

Gone but not forgotten.

The hope of warmth and spring is upon us. I brought both our bike to Devil's Gear in New Haven
for their annual spring tune up. The temperatures
are supposed to rebound into the solid 60's on
Sunday and Monday.

Warm weather couldn't be soon enough.

How does this affect our Pink and White Pretties?

Basically it has slowed the process down. But now you can see green tips in most of the buds all around Wooster Square. On Hughes Place they are little ahead and generally Peak a few days 
earlier than the park.

Hughes Place's blossoms are still in the first stage of the long process (or short, as they come and go).

Once the florets can be seen, we have about 16 -21 days to Peak Poppadge, or when about 
70% of the Cherry trees are in full bloom.
Today, Friday April 10, 2015, so we are honing in on our April 26 Peak, 
which happens to be the 
Annual Cherry Blossom Festival!**
(the only way for sure not to miss any single moment from
Buds to Blossoms Blowing Brilliantly, stay tuned to the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog. Your source for your Cherry Blossom Cravings!)

Click here for the official site of the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Check out a video someone shot on
youtube who drove an hour to 
see the Blossoms and shot the
whole thing on a go pro camera!

Let's take a stroll around ourselves and look at some 
of that color and where we are in 
the Blossoming process!

Friday March 10, 2015
(Hughes Place)

Not much action on Hughes Place (YET!)
(April 10, 2015)

April 26, 2014

But there is color poking up all around.

Field of Dreams

Corner of Chapel and Academy

Even the tree that is always blooming is
staying tight with this spring that 
seems to be on hold.

We did have some sun earlier in the week.

Red sky at night...

Purple flowers in the morning.

Just starting to show green

Foggy Friday Fine Flower Fans!

Walking the park in the mist and the fog,
you don't realize how close we live to
Long Island Sound. It used to be two blocks over.

But as I was walking you could hear the foghorn
blaring in New Haven Harbor.

New Haven Harbor is the busiest port
between New York City and Boston!

A red breasted Merganser wintering in New Haven

Mute Swan foraging in New Haven among 
the raindrops on Easter.

Tiny whites totally treat

Academy Street North

Tulips terribly truant

Pink Nation!

Looking up Hughes Place,
you can see the pink in the air!

Lilies of the future!

Tufted Titmouse trying to encourage our
big beautiful blossoms!

Wet, Wild and Wonderful Wooster Square!

Wooster Squirrellian 
Waits, Wonders...

Wooster Square is a
Walk in the park!

Northern Mockingbird gets free meal.

Fence Foto Fun

This weekend, we have been
promised spring like weather!

This will give our Blossoms some 
warmth and sunlight...
which should move things along.

I will be out documenting every
moment. Be sure not to miss a post 
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Check out the blossoms
in full bloom in Japan!

Read about Japan's Sakura's in the Washington Post!

And, did you know that Japan and the USA
are planning joint stamps to commemorate
our gift of Dogwood trees three years
after Japan gave Washington 3000 trees!

100 years ago!!

click here to check out the stamp in the Washington Post

And if you head to Washington, read about
how to do the National Cherry Blossom Festival
in the best way possible.

Click here for Washington pink madness!

Washington has not had their
peak yet, we are not close!

After the weekend we will
regroup and see where we are for
our 2015 Cherry Blossoms!

Enjoy the nice weather

See You Round the Square!
New residents moving in on Court Street!