Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday has Hughes Place & Park Proudly, Profusely Popping Pink!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival 

a Rousing Success

What a difference a day makes. And today? Even what difference a morning can make. I went out earlier in the morning to take some photos, and by this afternoon I would say 50% of the park has popped. 

Tomorrow, I will program the blossom mainframe to do a little Blossom Mathematics, so we can see how far along our precious pink and white pretties are to date. And to see how much longer they will be around.

While I lick my wounds from standing all day and talking to the thousands of people who came to the festival. I don't have an estimate yet. Thanks to all that came by and purchased some local bArt!

Check out how lovely our Sweet Square Sakura's were today, Monday, April 27, 2105!

Hughes Place Pink and White Tunnel to Happiness
(Wooster Square)

Perfect pink people

Hurray for the pink white and blue!

Bright Whites

Two Tone Town House

Breathe, relax...repeat

Hanami Heaven Here

Park Picnicking Pleases

Hughes Place Close to peak

Filling in Nicely 

Chapel and Academy Peaking!

White Delights

Land of Ahs

Chapel St and Wooster Place

Peaking Hughes Place

More peak to follow!

Female Northern Flicker in Wooster Square

After asking me where Pepe's Pizza was...

#1 Pizza in the USA!

Flower Fence Foto Fun

Court Street Colors

Pink Reigns

Wooster Square waits 

 Come pull up a chair

 Pink Dreams

 Academy looking south

Hughes Place North

Head to World Famous Historic
Wooster Square with its Blossoms,
Now Showing!

Special thanks to all the Sponsors, volunteers, members of the Historic Commision,
Bill Iovanne (the mc), vendors, artists
 and to all that came
to our Sweet Sakura Square of 
Humble Perfection!

Special thanks to all of you for coming to visit the World's First and Only Photoblogumentary. 
(and most likely one of the best)

Breaking News: the New Haven Police
have estimated the crowd to be
8,500 people!

That's a lot of cannoli!

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Tomorrow: Blossom Mathematics!

See You Round the Square!!