Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Sun sees Sakuras shining here in Wooster Square!

World Famous Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms on verge of Peak Poppadge!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Concert Tonight at St. Michaels Church!

Come help kick off the Sakura Celebration!

Cheryl and I are busy getting things together
for our tables. Cheryl and her Mom, Arlene Szczarba have been one of the main sponsors
for around 10 years!

I have Wooster Square Mugs, framed photos,
and matted signed photos for sale.

Stop by and say hi!

See you tonight at the Concert!

Check out some of today's photos
coming out of the Blossom Photo Development Machine. 

Hope to see you at the Festival,
Noon to 5 Sunday!

Peace Buds
(outside WSBB International Headquarters)

Without Further interruption...

Carpe Weekend!

Hughes Place South

Hughes Place North 

Chyna, with a blossom on her nose!

See You Round the Square!!
See You at the Festival!