Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Sun Stimulates our Splendid Sakura Square

Wooster Square Shining in all its History and Glory!!

With the addition of one dog, we have a different morning routine. Unless one want to find an accident by Roxie, she has to go out when she gets get up.
So that is before me. When I did venture out on this Sunny Saturday, I found the Cherry Blossoms to be in all sorts of stages. From hardly any florets visible to peduncle elongation to puffy white and finishing with our bellwether tree just starting to bloom.

Another sense knocked me over as I walked into Wooster Square. The smell of the sea, the saltiness to the air. It kinda makes you feel like you are on the beach. Which I am biking down to this afternoon to bird along the shore with Cheryl. I am sure that we will have some great photos to share!

So, without any introduction, here are some photos from Saturday, April 18, 2015. All were shot today.

Head to Wooster Square this weekend!

Next Sunday is the Cherry Blossom Festival and the blossoms will make
another appearance during the festival!

*Caution: Severe exposure to 
Wooster Square's Sweet Sakuras can
cause nausea and dizziness.
Symptoms such as pizza 
cravings have also been reported.

 Grackle yesterday
(I lied, one was from yesterday)

 Pinwheel Pretties are priceless people.

Fireworks about to begin

Packs a powerful punch

Holy Hanami Here!

Peduncle elongation 6-10 days to peak for these

Two trees have to come down on Hughes Place

We have your table waiting...

Academy Street Side South.
You can just see the pink coming in.

Three taken with my macro extender,
cheaper than getting a macro camera!

Trees coming down in the park too.

Columbus has a little taken off the top too!

Pink Nation!!

Parks just starting! Join the party!

Pink park pleases all people

History loves Company

Court Street Colors

 Come and passeggiata 

See you next Sunday at the Festval
(Hughes Place blossom tunnel
to happiness, looking north.

Come enjoy the Weekend!

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See you Round the Square!