Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fantastic Fabulous Fated Fickle Flowers Faithful For Festival!

Wooster Square Brimming with Beauty as Cherry Blossom Festival set for Sunday the 26, Noon to 5.

If you had a chance to get out on Saturday or Sunday, you had some great weather. I am licking the wounds of a 16 mile bike ride, but managed to take some photos this morning. 

Tomorrow we have some showers and cooler temperatures, which should slow the buds down, or maybe not! 

In the essence of time, photos all taken today,
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In order to really get your Sunday on, you
might want to play Florida George Line's
"Getting my Sun daze on"
(the video is a little over the top)

However you spend your Sundays,
set down and get you smiles on
and let's look at the Square.

Pink Nation!!

The newest pet, a dog that is a cross between
a bunny and a golden lab called
 a Rablab!?!?

House Finch

Stay tuned to the blog for updates
on our Precious Park of 
Humble Perfection!

Hughes Place is on pace to peak around the festival, there will be Cherry Blossoms fun and music!

Click here for all details on the Festivities next Sunday!

Monk Parakeet building a nest in 
Morris Cove, near Lighthouse Point.

See You Round the Square!