Saturday, December 5, 2015

OK People! What's NEW in new HAYven?

Vast Vested Venial Vernacular Viral Venting!

Ok people. I have had it! In fact all native (or 30 yrs) proud Nutmeggers and new HAYveners will agree. They have had it up wicked wazoo in Chatham Square, 9th Square, and Wooster Square. From the Hill to new Hallville, from the Rocks, East to West and Long Wharf to Lighthouse point... 
we are friggin freakin foaming furious for frequent flamboyant florid flipping phony phonemics folks!

It's time to put all the cards on the table. 

You can spot them from earshots away, in daily conversations and on the yes, (No!) the News (GASP) in Connecticut everyday, ad infinitum! It revolting. In fact disgusting. 

Shame on you +FOX 61 +WTNH News8 and that other CBS station. Really, this is required reading if you are living in Connecticut, especially if you're on the news!

This is an issue that New HAVener's want to put to bed, let the cat out of the bag, and leave the barn door open for the horses and don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you on your way out! (your butt) if you don't get it.

Let it be known that EVERYBODY from new HAYven, knows you're NOT from new HAYven when you say...

NEW Haven.

To New Havener's, it's akin to liking Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's pizza 
all rolled up in one!

It's just WRONG People! 
(new Hayven Style pizza is the number #1
Apizza Apie in the whole USA!)

So now you know why you get those glazed stares, perhaps even drooling, drink spilling, or even worse, Foxon Birch Beer and 
Pepe's Clam Pie choking...
when you say NEW Haven!

Guess what? Dinner is on you, 
petty pizza pretenders.

Is it hard to belong?

No. It's just a matter of serious studious systematic semantics

Just practice with me...

"I gotta have new HAYven pizza man!"

"Have you ever been to the Cherry Blossom Festival
in Historic new HAYven's World Famous, Historic
Wooster Square!?!"

"Have you been to Zinc in new HAYven? Best
Modern American Food, 
neighbors and loyal
new HAYvener's."

"Christmas Shopping is the bomb in
new HAYven, I love the Shops
at Yale, then hitting one of 
new HAYven's great restaurants. Did you know that
new HAYven was named #1
foodie city in the USA?"

Thanks folks, thanks for letting me get that off new HAYven's chest. So just learn the way to say the #gscia (greatest small city in america) and you'll feel better, sound smarter, look hipper and feel more like you're part of the gang, like a real...

new HAYvener!

If you wanna really speak
new HAYvenese, be cool and say with your pontiff pious pompous pizza prowling pals...


Just sayin!

You wanna know something else that's Wicked Wooster Square Cool?

Yale's Robert RM Stern, of
Architectural History is 
speaking to Mr. N'aven,
Michael Morand.

This should be interesting, Mr. Stern
will be speaking about N'aven with all his
insights over the years.

And the obviously omnipresent, Michael, has made
a career at Yale by being on every board,
at every function, for the past 25 years
I have known Michael.

The Conversation will be Fun!

AND, you may buy a piece of N'aven's 
history, which is no mystery,
a framed photograph taken

Bart Connors Szczarba,

The Wooster Square Blossom Blogger,
er, me. It's of N'aven's "Varini" (google it).

I have an exclusive photo of the Artist perusing his painted prize, paintbrush pads his paw.
(Varini was working on the Art Site Project
and walked right into the photo.)

Mr. Varini was very nice and gracious.

Don't miss Creative Arts Workshops
Framing New Haven!
(then take home a piece of history)

Here's more information:

Framing New Haven 
 Thursday December 10, 2015
Celebrate the architecture of our city! Join us for conversation with Robert A.M. Stern, Dean of Yale's School of Architecture, moderated by Michael Morand. Purchase artwork of local buildings or works created by local architects. Enjoy cocktails and light fare courtesy of 116 Crown.
Purchase tickets online below. Alternately you may mail in your check or cash with the number of tickets you are buying. Please be sure to provide all contact information.
Tickets are $40 in advance, $50 at the door.
6pm to 8pm
Creative Arts Workshop
80 Audubon St. New Haven, CT 06510

To celebrate my ten years in Wooster Square (almost)
Here's some fun fotos from 2005 and 
a focus on Yale!

See you at CAW!

Tunnel of Love

Theatrical History

Meaningful Mindful Musical Memories

Sterling Studies

Following Wooster Squarian's Alderperson,
friend and Neighbor and Yale Grad Student's lead, 
(Aaron Greenberg)
computers at Yale went on strike to form
Byte This!

Hey, it used to say records..

In the heat of the summer, in the city.

Yes, you can sponsor a blog post!

Water views Wow

History loves Company


While digging for Beinecke Library, they
came upon this cube surrounded by
chimpanzee skeletons.
(2001 a Space Oddyssey?)

Happy Holiday!

Flower Foto Fun!

Big Names!

Before major cleaning...

Dawn of a new day

Free lunch!


Time to read the World's 1st, only and undoubtedly,
one of the best (since it's the only one, the 
bar ain't that high!)

Hark, I hear winter calling
(well in 2005 I did)

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See you at Creative Arts Workshop


See You Round the Square!