Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last loving lambent leaves, sent soaring, Square Suddenly Scintillatingly Super Stunning!

Blossoms in November? 

We aim to Please here in the 

Wonderful World of Historic Wooster Square!

Walking the dogs in Wooster Square's pretty park of Humble Perfection, I noticed how quickly we can go from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Well even the day before Christmas I saw this on the way to the gym...

Just in time for Black Friday and 
Shop Small Saturday.

But I was surprised to see car after car heading under the Wooster Square Arch on Wooster Street with Christmas Trees on their roofs!

I glanced down at Frank Pepe's and there was a healthy line at 1:30 Sunday. Then I noticed that many cars parked on the street had trees too!

These industrious folks got up early, went to their favorite tree farm or stand then rewarded 
the whole fam damily with 
America's #1 Pie.

So if you are like me, you kind of panic, start to hyperventilate. Why, we haven't thought about 
a tree yet and when we will go on our 
annual trek to Jones Tree Farm in Shelton.

Oh, then there's a list, gifts, cards, mailing
parties, food family and fun. 

New Haven is a great City to do some
local shopping and enjoy something
besides the crowds and massive
parking lots in the 
mindless mega mall madness.

And as a special treat, I have the 5 year
time lapse from the Blossom Blogs
old headquarters over looking Hughes Place.

So while the Blossom Mainframe ques up the projection mega bots and bits, I'll have it find a few interesting things for you to do to make
your Holiday Shopping more enjoyable,
hey, even fun!

Check out some of the photos from the last week
here in Famous, Historic Wooster Square.

Colors Reigned until Rains!

Court Street Colors

Maritime meaningful memories

Yes, it has been unseasonably warm this fall.
We deserved it after the past few winters.

But this confused some trees in the New Haven.

Sight to see!

White delights

I didn't get the memo!

Wooster Square was no different.

We have our perpetually blooming tree on
the corner of Academy and Chapel
(sometime you have to look hard)

Numbing November Number!

Don't worry folks. I have a direct line with the National Park Service in Washington DC.
They assure me that it happens quite often and has no bearing on the blossoms in the Spring.

Bonus Blossoms Baby!

Fall Blossoms

Benches are being renovated!
YOU can get your name on one!

History Loves Company

Downtown delight

Fall foto fun

Window box blossoms are bountiful

Orange you coming to Wooster Square!

Still clinging to fall

Color collision

Bring the family and friends

The gangs all here

Leaves? maybe not.

Peppermint Pretty

Sunday Gravy

Getting your Holiday shopping should not be a chore.

We at the Wooster Square Blossom Blog are here to help. 

There's a simple 3 step process.

1. Come to New Haven to shop
there are plenty of places to park!

2. Go to one of our many World Class Museums.

3. Finish the day off by eating in the 
#1 Foodie City in the Country

Enjoy your Holiday shopping!

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See you Round the Square!