Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sweet Sakura Square Sings in 2016 with Baby Bonus Blossoms!

Holiday Blossoms add Hope, bring Hanami Happiness!

Oh the New Year. The resolutions, the optimism, the freshness of starting anew. This year in Wooster Square, we have had a mild winter so far. So mild in fact that our "Perpetually Blooming" Cherry tree at the corner of Sunshine and Happiness (Chapel Street and Academy) was about a third in Bloom!

Alas, it is New England and it is winter. And so the seasons change. Besides my Birthday, the only thing January is good for is the days creep longer. Closer to our Historic Wooster Square Cherry Blossoms! To hell with that funky fickle freakin fat rodent that makes predictions, Phil, spring arrives sometime in the end of April and May.

Historic Wooster Square waits...

Winter wakes, windy whooshes;
Snowbirds swinging south;
Pink and White Blossoms return.
 Bart & Cheryl's Haiku 2016 


Wooster Square Park welcomed 2016 on a glorious sunny day. I had to get out and take some photos. One good thing about cold in January is the lines at Pepe's and Sally's
can be a bit shorter.

Or not. 

Wear layers, and jump up and down
in place to keep warm.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Square...

Chapel St and Academy St

Park, eat - repeat

Perpetual Blooming Cherry Tree

Pink and White delights!

Pink Nation!

Walk of Wonder

Spring Sprung day 1

2016's first blossoms

Park Pretties

Only 75 days until Peak Poppadge!

Mostly Bare Square

We wait

Spare a peanut Mr?

Berry Happy in Wooster Square

Lines forming now

Here at Blossom Blog International Headquarters
on Historic Wooster Street, 
we have exciting things planned for 2016. 

Later this month, we'll take a look at 2015.
Also, I will have a map to Connecticut's 
tally in the top 100 Pizza joints in the USA
that are in the state!

A whopping 10% of the top 100 pizza restaurants
 are in Connecticut, also home to the 
#1 Pizza in the USA,
Frank Pepe.

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Staying Connected doesn't make you Square!

Stay Warm 
and as always,

See You Round the Square!