Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bountiful Blissful Beautiful Blossoms Blowing by and by!

Wind Whips Wooster Square Witless!

Wooster Square's Sweet Sakura's keep throwing surprises at us for the last
42 years, why not this one?

The first Cherry Blossom festival, there were no Blossoms at all. But that has never halted the Festival. There are plenty of times
the blossoms haven't come or they are gone.

This year?

We still have 4 days to go! 

But Blossoms there will be baby!

Hughes Place usually pops first and the first to fall. But in this topsy turvy spring,
Hughes Place is the last to pop
and many of the trees will be 
peaking throughout the weekend.

Important Cherry Blossom 
Weekend Reminders!

Saturday Night!
Cherry Blossom Concert 
St. Michael's Church

Local World class musicians and composers perform for the neighborhood and 
all of you who want to show up!

Sunday 12-4:30pm
Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival!

Lots of blossoms and fun to be had!

Take a look at some photos from yesterday's windstorm and this morning's aftermath!

They survived again!

Blossom Flurries

Sad Sakura sight

Lot's of green, white and pink

History loves company

Drifting possible

Hang on!

Festival Sunday!

Come for the blossoms, stay for a pie!

Table is set

Hughes Place Blossom Tunnel

Dandy view of 360 State St

Good flowers gone bad
(why else would they be behind bars?)

Blossoms in my shoes!

Oh did the wind blow!

Thanks Google!

How about today, Wednesday April 20, 2016?

Let's look!

Super Sunny Happy Hump Day!

Parks pretty people

Pink and white delight!

Blossom tunnel still blooming!

Weekend weather looks good!

Bring the family!

Concert and Festival!

Pink Nation!

Morning money!

Park People Prepping for Peepers

Blossoms breathtaking

Wooster Place south

Fun Fireworks!

Sunning sakura

Pink Nation!

Hanami 4-20 High!

Tunnel of love

Look for another post on Friday!

A very busy week for the blossom blogger!

Head to Historic, World Famous Wooster Square
for the 43rd Cherry Blossom Festival!!!

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