Thursday, March 6, 2014

Burrr! But Beautiful Blossoms Brave Brisk Barometric Brumal Blast

2014 Wooster Square Blossomation Update!

We made it to March! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Cherry Blossom Festivals around the world are just beginning. Leading the way, Japan, of course, who invented Hanami, or blossom viewing over 1000 years ago, 
That's a lot of neck bending and sake sipping, 
Sweet Studious Sakura Square Supporters!!

is nice that you feel the sun now, it actually feels warmer, like laying in a tanning bed in a meat locker. But warmer nonetheless. The Wonderful World of Wooster Square is one frozen iceberg, with just patches of melting from the sun.

You know what likes the sun too? Our super salient sakuras, that's who. Even though the temps have been south of freezing, even though the ground has been snow covered since who knows when... it's that hot big ball in the sky that is drawing out some of Historic World Famous Wooster Square's first signs of spring!

Snowdrop Crocus Cuddling Cutely
(Saturday March 1)
Tiny Tots Take To Thaw

March is a when we start getting news from Japan to Washington DC of when their precious pink pretties pop! Along with all sorts of charts and figures.

All of this data is fed into the 
Blossom Blog Mainframe, 
ingurgitating to assay rather importunately.
Then I just take a Wicked Wonderful Square

Before we see what all the dates are for Japan and Washington, let's see what else we can find in the frozen tundra... formerly know as Wooster Square!

Tight tikes take to titilating temps two dog night
(Our Blossom Buddies March 1, 2014)
((no green tips, a hint that something
is about to happen eventually!)

Big Man on Campus

In case you don't know, Bill Iovanne, Jr, 
(that is his families well respected funeral home,
a fixture on Wooster Square)
dug out World Famous Historic Wooster Square with his bare hands. Well, not his bare hands, but with his own guts and determination. Lot's of Benjamins too. 

He brought in huge construction equipment, huge dump trucks, plows, tow trucks and New Haven's Finest and lots of coffee and doughnuts.

They worked all through the night digging out and finished at 4:30 in the morning.

Shake his hand and say thanks at the 
Cherry Blossom Festival!

Cold Court Street Says Enough Already!

Wooster Square's Winningly White Wows

Hold your Heavy Heaving Hanami Hearts! 

Brave Brothers

One's daffy enough to bloom!
(the temps on Tuesday...
Hi 24, Low 5)

I took the two Mrs. Szczarba's to Madison
looking for some Snowy Owls that are 
supposed to be all over. 
Not the two days
we were there

But I did catch these feathered friends

Robins Roosting, Rooting Riotously
for Spring! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Great Goose! Ganders Goes Gliding

 Meet Mr & Mrs Northern Flicker
(they eat bugs on the ground, but look
like woodpeckers...)

Male Northern Flicker

Hawk eyes something...

Blue Jay is guarding his territory...

Hawk Dinner!
(looks like a swordfish steak?)

Japan Sets Stage for 
Sakura Sight Seeing

Japan loves their Hanami Heaven
so much that is can last from March 5 (this years first blooms) through sometimes into May. That long you ask? Well, they planted them all over the Islands so they mature according to their location. To make it easy, they
make a map and you grab some sake and a couple of months worth of food and make a vacation out of your Honorable Heavenly Hanami experience.

click here to see dates and book your trip to Japan!

Washington DC sets 
Peak Poppadge Dates!

For those new to the blog, the art of Cherry Blossom prediction is a fluid process. So many factors go into when they will bloom, that predicting them correctly is like finding a weatherman to give you the right forecast every night! 
Peak Poppadge is described as when 70% of the trees are peaking. 
Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are literally laughably lousy, lucky loser like.

But Washington D.C. has the 
National Park Service
as its Peak Poppadge Authority and they set the standards that all blossom predictors use for their Cherry Blossomations.

So they should be right, I mean they have a
$2,750,000,000 Annual Budget.
(we shall see)

2014 Washington DC Dates:

April 8 through April 12

Click here for interesting facts and figures from the National Park Service (make them earn their money!)

World Famous Historic 
Wooster Square's
Cherry Blossom Peak Poppadge

Now to be fair, the 
Wooster Square Blossom Blog
has a slightly lower budget.


Just your humble yet 100% perfect Blossom Blogger,
teamed with Storm Team News Channel 8
(and WXedge, their weather site 
of which I am a contributor) 
((for the annual salary of $0.00))

Click here for wxedge in depth weather focus! (pictures too!)

It's not about the 
Big Bad Benjamins Baby, 
But Big Beautiful Blossoms

Wooster Square's 2014 Peak Poppadge Dates!

April 25 through April 29
(only 52 days bone chilling days!)

Wooster Square's Cherry Blossom Festival is 
Sunday, April 27, 2014 

For more information and to volunteer:

Click here for Historic Wooster Square Association


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