Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wooster Square's Rockin Pink and White Blossoms!

Blossoms here there and everywhere!

2016's Sweet Sakura Season is in full swing!

The park is packed with people 
posing, picnicking, partying and playing!

Carpe Weekend!

Head to Historic Wooster Square!

We are in full bloom on a sunny Saturday!

Sunday appears to be a "ditto"!


Take a look at our fair Square!


The following contains blossoms in all sorts of dress.
Those offended by sheer blossom nakedness,
please power off. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

Pink Nation!

More action to come!

St Michael's

Blossoms viewing blossoms

Farmer's Market + Blossoms = Bliss

MMM Pizza!

Warren St

Market maker

Wooster Place side

White Winners!

Fence Foto Fun!

More to come!

The Cherry Blossoms are peaking around
Historic Wooster Square.

Hughes Place is a bit behind in this 
strange, but beautiful blossom season.

They are a bit fragile compared to other years!

Come see the blossoms this weekend!

Next Sunday, come to the festival!

Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival
Sunday, April 24 from 1-4!

Saturday night is the Cherry Blossom Concert
at St Mike's! Local world class composers and
musicians get together for a concert then party!

It's fun and free
(donations accepted)

Bring the whole fam damily!

Thanks Sponsors!
Open House Sunday, April 17

See You Round the Square!