Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Rains Reign in Historic Wooster Square.

The Stars are all aligned for a Superior Square Sakura Celebration!!

Remain Calm.
The Rains will end, and the sun will shine.
Blossoms will Bloom,
Bees will busily buzz.

And unlike Washington, who lost about
50% of their Bloom due to a late 
snow and frost, 
Wooster Square's Hanami Heaven
is right on Schedule!

As the temps stay above freezing (barely)
overnight, Wooster Square's Famed
Cherry Trees are beginning to stir.

Florets Finally

Spring is just creeping along here
in the Greatest Small City in America,
home to World Famous, 
Historic Wooster Square.

Did you hear?

Why Wooster Square was mentioned as 
one of the Top 20 places to
see Cherry Blossoms
in the World!!

The 44th Annual Wooster Square
Cherry Blossom Festival
is Sunday
April 23, 2017!

And the Blossoms?

They should be center stage!

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Check out some photos from Monday
(before the Monsoons)

Buds, Lite

Fence Foto Fun

This tree on Hughes Place
is always one of the first to Pop!
This is about 12 to 17 days to peak
We'll follow these guys all season.

March 9th.

Academy View South

Bevy of Beauties

Wormseye view!

Juvenile Tree on Hughes Place
doesn't seem that far along,
But it's about 12-17 days from Peak.

Hughes Place North
Red meets blue for Super City View

These are 15-22 days.

Spring Sputtering Slowly

More Sun please!

Now, if you want to see a sneak
peak, our Perpetually Blooming
Tree on the Corner of Chapel Street
and Academy Street is in all sorts of Bloom!

Come By, Say hi, grab a pie!

Corner of Sunshine and Happiness.

America's Apizza Main Street

Pinkness on the Edge of Town

4-6 days to peak

Perfectly Pink People!

Any day is a good day to visit
Historic Wooster Square!

Hanami Holiday 365 24/7

Stay Tuned!

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